Mmmmm vampires! (REAL ones)

The Vampire Diaries is a show that makes me love it on a whole new level by each episode. It started a bit dull but the story and acting have dramatically increased and usually it leaves you need more and more. Last Thursday’s was dark and fantastic and although the plot didn’t advance a lot it had that marvellous twist in the end that left me dumbstruck, jaw hanging to infinity and all that.

I really like Anna. I really do. She has something on her that makes her feel like a friend but then again that might be just her vampire charms kicking in 😛 I also like Damon a lot. For me he’s the pillar that supported the whole of the show during its boring period. I adore his relationship with Stefan and he makes me laugh. And he dislikes Twitlight. Yeah, bingo. I abhore it too 😛

Anyway, I’m going bookshopping on Tuesday and I’ll hopefully find the first book of the series. Although I heard it was a dullfest…

:[ Blood om nom nom nom 😀

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