SPN 5×15: Dark Side of The Moon

Contains spoilers for Supernaturals 5×15 Dark Side of The Moon

Despite my husband’s opinion about this episode, I liked it. It was more a transitional episode than a lore one but I always love seeing kid!Winchesters. It was also interesting that we found out that John and Mary weren’t the couple we thought they were for the last five years and that they even separated for a short while.

It caught me completely off-guard when the brothers were actually shot and killed. I missed the “Previously” so it came as a complete surprise 😮 It was so great to see Pamela and Ash again. Ash’s humour factor was a win-win. However something tells me that those weren’t really Pamela and Ash, mostly due to the “who cares” attitude towards death. OK you’re in heaven but meh. Life>Heaven in afterlife. Always.

Those poor poor kids, Sam and Dean 😦 They never had a childhood. Sam doesn’t even remember Mary ;_; It makes my heart ache. That’s probably because I have a son of my own. Honestly though, Sam’s look when he saw his mum said it all.

Other than that I wasn’t really surprised when Joshua said God wasn’t interested. It would be too easy. My gut tells me we’re getting Michael – Lucifer showdown in the end.

We shall see!

I’m off to watch SG:U now, wet kisses

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