DW:The Eleventh Hour! (Spoilers)

Before we begin. MATT SMITH!!!!!


The fifth season of Doctor Who started literally with a bang. Only moments after the events of the End of time we witness a falling TARDIS and the new Doctor (Matt Smith) hanging from her for dear life.

It seems like everything is squeaky clean and brand new in the fifth season of the show as the opening sequence also changed, the 80’s style wormhole being replaced by a uhm cloud tunnel with lightning spurting out several times striking the TARDIS. The music, although it remains the Doctor Who theme, is greatly changed as well, becoming darker and a bit slower. There’s new logo, the letters DW set like the TARDIS and we also, as you probably already know, have a new TARDIS interior (“You sexy thing!”) and a new Sonic Screwdriver (GREEN!!!) Last but not least there’s a different show-writer, my beloved Steven Moffat who has gifted us with fantastic episodes like Blink, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead as well as the final scene in The End of Time pt 2. Moffat’s avant-garde atmospheric style is apparent in the whole episode which is a huge plus for me.

Anyway, the TARDIS finally crashes/lands in a yard and the Doctor meets a 7-year-old girl, Amelia Pond, who isn’t at all afraid by the weird stranger (considering him to be a policeman because of the TARDIS) but is mortified by a crack on her wall that talks to her. She leaves only with her aunt who sounds like a hag to be honest, and who happens to be out having left 7-year-old Amelia alone.  There’s a really funny sequence where the over-hyperactive, still recovering from regeneration, Doctor asks Amelia for foods he previously liked, only to discover that he now finds them disgusting. He settles for “delicious” fish fingers and custard and when he’s done eating, investigates the crack on Amelia’s wall. Upon examination he declares that it is a crack in the universe rather than the world and does some thingamabobs to fix it, but not before he hears a repeated phrase “Prisoner Zero has escaped” apparently spoken by a gigantic eye.

Having repaired the crack the Doctor leaves on the TARDIS in order to repair her promising Amelia he will be back in five minutes. Typically though the Doctor finds himself twelve years in the future instead and is receives a cricket bat round the head by a policewoman who turns out to be Amelia (Karen Gillan), now called Amy, who is extremely displeased at him leaving her all those years ago.

The episode is a great new start, nothing less than we have come to expect by Doctor Who . Matt Smith properly filled David Tennant‘s (<3) shoes, which I admit I was extremely skeptic of, playing the Doctor as if he had been him for ages. The show seems to include more tech references than ever before, featuring a touch screen phone and mentioning social networking sites like Facebook. Matt Smith plays the Doctor as a “madman in a box” and I am already extremely fond of the eleventh Doctor :3 Karen Gillan and Matt Smith seem to have a lot of chemistry and will be a fantastic team. Hopefully the brilliant eleventh Doctor will stick around for a while. 🙂

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