Bleak flash forward for Flashforward

Various TV-related websites are reporting that a number of Flashforward stars are already signing up to TV Pilots that are currently being developed and which could possibly launch in the autumn as part of the new TV season.

With Flashforward ratings rapidly collapsing, stars are now jumping ship before it sinks, minimising the little hope that remains for a possible second season of the series that was meant to be the next big thing after Lost. (Which I personally found extremely boring after the first half of season 3)

Christine Woods who plays lesbian-yet-to-become-pregnant FBI agent Janice, has already signed up to star in the NBC sitcom pilot, ‘Perfect Couples.’ a comedy about three different married couples. The actress has however confirmed that if Flashforward is renewed she will quit the lead role in the new sitcom.

Meanwhile, actor Zachary Knighton who plays the yet-to-fall-in-love ER doc Bryce, might never get to meet the love of his life Keiko, after having signed up to the new planned sitcom pilot Happy Endings. The one thing that might change this is that the new sitcom would air on ABC if it gets past the pilot stage and being on the same network as FF, ABC might have a say in this.

Finally, kid actor Ryan Wynott who plays creepy hospitalised Dylan Simcoe, has been cast to star in the NBC pilot The Cape, a new drama about a wrongly accused police officer who sets out to become a hero, and which NBC is hoping to be the next big project to take up home in its mediocre schedules.

So, with the cast jumping ship – showing little faith in the project, and ratings nosediving fast, the future for FlashForward looks pretty bleak. What a shame, the concept was great, pity about the execution!

In the meantime FlashForward Producers most likely wished the ratings for the episode that aired on April 1th were an April Fools joke when they hit an All time low of 5.07 million viewers, a million less viewers than the last week’s 2 parter and a 60% decrease of the first episode that aired, with the news of some stars jumping ship to other shows it’s becoming clear it will most likely not come back for a second season.

Source: TV Rage , TV Squad, E Online, Vaya Tele

I, for once, failed to resume watching FlashForward after the hiatus but I’m extremely interested in continuing watching. I’ll let you know my opinion when I catch up 🙂

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