TVD: 1×17 Let the Right one in Recap [Spoilers]

The episode started with a storm and not only weather wise. The recently freed vampires grew more and more restless and Frederik, determined to take revenge on the Salvatore brothers, kidnaps Stefan. Damon tries to save him but the -living- owner of the house is compelled into not letting him in. Frederik describes the agony they had to endure for 145 years in the grave and that he plans to inflict the same pain on Stefan and then kill him. Elena puts aside her despise for Damon and they also get Alaric to help. Alaric at first refused but then agreed as Damon lied to him, claiming the owner of the house had info on Isobel. Jeremy still tries to get Anna to turn him into a vampire but she stands her ground, saying that he doesn’t fit any of the reasons -love, boredome, need for a sidekick – Vampires have to turn humans. She also scorns him for not knowing anything about Vampires apart from the stuff he learned through movies. Then here came the rescue part!! Fantastic *cough* opportunity for making amends between Elena and Damon! It was very well written and executed. I love the relationship Damon has with Stefan. Damon might be a completed psycho whackjob but he cares A LOT about his brother and that showed on the last ep. The scene were Stefan was being tortured was also fantastic and it did make one feel uneasy. COme on, pouring vervaine into a vamp’s eyes must be like pouring acid in a human’s *shudder*.

I really took a liking in Harper, and so did Stefan apparently, as he insisted on pulling out the wood stakes from his legs after Stefan was eventually rescued. He and Elena made a run for it but Stefan was extremely weak and died.


He did, however come extremely close to dying and was only brought back to his senses after -AMAGAD- he drank blood from Elena. Stefan afterwards turned into primitive mode and scared the daylights out of Elena but in the next scene he seemed alright and like good old Stefan again, Elena was still a bit creeped out.

As the episode draws to an end, Caroline, discovers Vicki’s corpse, bursting the bubble that had everyone, bar the Salvatores and Elena, believe she had just run off somewhere. Jeremy is devastated and Anna realises that he only wanted to be turned so he could be with Vicki and leaves hurt.

The episode ends with Damon finding Stefan devouring his human blood stash, looking extremely animalistic and addicted. This means only one thing: The next episodes are gonna be AWESOME!

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