Allods Online

This post isn’t about a show but for an MMO instead. Gpotato‘s Allods seems like a cheap copy of World of Warcraft at first but it has very pretty graphics and design and features the cutest fantasy race ever, The Gibberlings 😀 The interface and design remind greatly  of WoW but this one is absolutely FREE!

It is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with some Sci-Fi elements. The game mixes high fantasy with the space opera genre, but with a much greater focus on fantasy. Unlike other MMORPGs, Allods Online has a great emphasis on its storyline. The game takes place after the destruction of the planet Sarnout which led to the formation of floating islands in space called Allods. Fight for either the Empire or the League in this extremely polished MMORPG.

You can see the races and other information here

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