Doctor Who Merchandise that make me go “WANT! WANT! WANT!”

First of all.

The Dalek Webcam

I really would buy this if my stupid, stupid, stupid laptop didn’t have a built in webcam. It makes my geek heart melt.

Sonic Screwdrivers!

The classic blue one and the new green one! Personally I am fonder of the blue one and will definitely get one first chance possible! Both have light and sounds

Exterminate Fleece Blanket

For those cold nights that you really can use a cuddle by a Dalek! I will probably present my father in law with one for his birthday πŸ˜€

The Journal Of Impossible Things (The HUman Nature/The Family of Blood) And The Master’s Ring (End of time)

My heart aches for this. I am a sucker for props and steampunk and this has an amazing steampunk feel to it. If only the d@#$% website shipped to my country T_T
Black Dalek 3D Bubble Bath

You get to bathe with a Dalek πŸ˜‰ A bath can’t get much cooler than that. Unless you’re having sex in the tub.

Dalek and TARDIS mobile Phone Alert Charms

Any time you get a call on your cell phone, your very own Dalek or TARDIS will spin around and little lights will flash near its base. Site has $30 s/h though 😦

And last but not least….

The TARDIS 4 port USB hub

It’s a TARDIS! Its light works! And it’s useful. GIEF NAO!

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