Steven Moffat Interview features an exclusive interview with Steven Moffat (the new Doctor Who head writer ) Here’s a peek:

CS: Right, so Matt’s the 11th Doctor now. When people first saw his picture, many thought “Oh, he’s really young,” but in fact, he’s 27, which isn’t that young. What was it about him that made him the right person to replace David who had become so popular, especially here in the States?
Well, this is a question that nobody really asks once they see him, and you won’t either. Once you see him in action, you’ll see what makes him the right guy. The age thing is irrelevant. In fact, as we were entering the casting process, I was more inclined to go a little bit older, like maybe mid-40’s, for the Doctor. On the very first day, Matt came in, third person through the door, and he just got it. He just got it in spades. He just understood how he could play that part. It’s hard to define what that is, maybe even slightly destructive to define what that is, but he just had the playfulness and the fun of the naughtiness. He’s handsome, but he’s handsome in a rather strange way. He’s got cartoon hair and the mannerisms of a fussy old, nutty professor, but the body of a hot young fella. You know, how can that not be cast as the Doctor? And nobody else came close (Laughs) in just embodying the part. I swear, he’s been a huge hit in Britain already. When you see him you’ll think, “Oh, he is, of course. Well, yes.” Casting Matt is honestly the biggest no-brainer of this whole process.

CS: I wanted to ask about Neil Gaiman because that’s just awesome to hear he’s going to write a couple of episodes. What was involved with getting him aboard? How much leeway is he gonna have to bring his own sensibilities to his episodes?
Well, he really clearly wanted to write one, so we met up. There wasn’t any great protracted negotiation, he was quite up for it. We had just Emailed on various subjects before, so we just met up. That was before I had taken over during that period where everybody knew I was taking over but I wasn’t allowed to say I was while that went on. And how much leeway will he have? I mean, to be honest, Neil’s sensibility is pretty damn “Doctor Who,” that’s the truth. I think he’d admit that himself. I mean, I could tell. I knew just knowing Neil’s work that he was a “Doctor Who” fan, because he’s full of “Doctor Who.” I think he was a very, very easy fit into this world. Really and truly we’re not trying to limit people’s sensibility, any of the (writers). I mean, Richard Curtis is a very different sort of writer. We’re not trying to make him write “Doctor Who” the way Terry Nation would or the way I do; we’re trying to bring the different voices into the mix and make it more interesting.

You can read the full interview on

I am extremely excited about Neil Gaiman joining Steven Moffat. I think I am going into my first fangirlgasm for today 😛

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