TVD: 1×18 Under control

Least literal ep title ever 😛

Stefan is struggling after drinking from Elena and Damon does nothing to help him. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I am totally into Stefan and Damon’s love/hate relationship! Anyway, seems like Elena’s blood scored extra points into the yum department since Stefan is trying very hard to detox. I wonder if founding a “Blood Drinkers Anonymous” would be a good idea 😛 Drinking from a blood bank seems to be the best solution at hand but drinking human blood apparently also makes you go darker. Which is nice since it would be fun having dark!Stefan for a change :3 To be honest Stefan reminded me a bit of Spike in this episode. I am a bit addicted to Spike to be honest so I might be wrong but he did several Spike-ish stuff during the episode like vamping out during a kiss, shoving it up to the rude dude who was being a butt to Elena and finally spooking her out by suddenly appearing in her bedroom.

And hello new Gilbert addition. I loved how David Anders pulled Uncle Jon’s part. He is obviously a man everyone loves to hate but he brought the city council important info about several blood bank break-ins and bloodless bodies found recently within 75 miles of Mystic Falls. Like a spark in a dry forest the vampire-craze hunt lights up in all its glory again.

In the beginning of the episode Alaric shows Elena Jeremy’s paper on Vampires and she looks very upset. She wants to protect him from all these things and really wonders about what Jeremy really knows about vampires. Elena goes for a walk with Jeremy and tells him she is adopted and tries to make him talk about his paper. Jeremy claims he did it out of boredom or Gilbert inherited madness.

At the party it is happy hour for Stefan as booze helps him cope with his bloodlust. A man is being rude to Elena and Stefan is extremely annoyed and compels him to apologise to her. Jon meets Damon outside and begins talking about the tomb and the vampires who escaped from it and… TADA! Damon’s part in opening it. This man knows too much for his own good and so Damon snaps his neck and throws him off the roof.

Jeremy isn’t convinced that Vicki died from overdose, as is the official report and asks Elena if she knows anything about it, to which she responds extremely awkwardly. All she lacks is a neon sign saying “I know the truth”. A few minutes later though Jon walks in casually, back from the dead. The look on Damon’s face is HILARIOUS! Damon notices that he has a ring very similar to the one Alaric had on when, well, Damon killed him as well 😛

It’s a Full Moon night and Matt’s mom gets drunk (to the occasion) and onto the cougar action starts making out with Tyler who, after tonight’s episode, I believe to be a werewolf. He was weirder than usual. Matt catches them and punches Tyler who responds with ridiculous aggression.(See? Werewolf :P) The blood on Mrs. Donovan forehead breaks makes Stefan go nuts. He wipes it with his finger and after some really could self-control he breaks and licks it leaving the party.

Damon and Alaric confront Jon Gilbert. He shows them his ring, which he inherited from his brother. Turns out that Alaric has Jon’s ring which he had given to Isobel, and tells them he was the one to send Isobel to Damon when she wanted to become a vampire.

Jeremy’s putting the “diary” back into the Vampire Diaries! Yep, there’s Elena’s diary again, thankfully not with a voice-over while she is writing in it but with Jeremy snooping around in her room and reading her diary finding everything Elena knew about Vicki.

Stefan meets the rude dude again who’s being even more annoying this time round. He tries to punch Stefan but is too slow and ends up with broken fingers. Elena comes out looking for Stefan but he quickly runs away.

Matt packs a bag to send his mom away. Kelly is a mess and apologises but Matt tells her to leave by morning. Grats hun you’re the WORST MOM EVER!

Elena returns home and finds Jeremy, who acts like he still hasn’t got a clue. She goes and Stefan creeps her out appearing in her room. He then confesses about what happened with Matt’s mom and the blood and the parking lot asshat, explaining that he didn’t feed on him even though he wanted to and he keeps his distance, afraid of hurting Elena, but she’s not scared and tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too, awwwwwwwwww :’D

Back home, Stefan finds Damon who begins to explain their massive Uncle John issue but stops when he realises how big is Stefan’s withdrawal. He leaves Stefan a glass of blood on the table and Stefan breaks and drinks it.

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