Doctor Who: 5×03 Victory of the Daleks review

3/3 Steven. 3/3 episodes and they were all BRILLIANT!

I would never expect that the Daleks were actually aiding England with the war against the Nazis. This is highly ironic too as the Daleks who are all about racial purity fight against Hitler 😛 Of course none of you bought it, right? Yeah… Neither did I. I was, however, rolling on the floor laughing several times when Daleks offered the Doctor tea. The look Matt SMith managed to pull was right on it XD

This is a pure lore episode where we witness the creation of the new Dalek race. Yep, the Doctor was right once more and the Daleks were only acting as soldiers so as to get the Doctor’s testimony and trigger their pure DNA in a progenitor. I like the new Daleks. It’s like Apple meets Dalek, what with the white/silver colours of the first Dalek we see. Just a moment after though we witness rainbow Daleks! Oh yeah, Daleks now come in colours (which will probably invade the interwebz with merchandise soon) and as far as I understood the colours show what specialisation/rank the Dalek is with the White being “Dalek Supreme” also known as iDalek lmao. And when the coloured Daleks appeared I instantly thought of Nintendo DS coloured versions and expected a hot pink one to emerge 😛 I was a bit disappointed at first that the white Dalek had a different voice but it turned out that the rest of the Daleks still have the creepy croaking voice 😀

Anyway, the Daleks force the Doctor once again to choose between destroying the Dalek race or let the earth blow up. Oh yeah… Prof Bracewell is an android bomb and is set to detonate unless the Doctor lets the Daleks go. The Doctor naturally picks to save the Earth but the Daleks press the doom button anyway and the Doctor tries to bring the human nature out of the professor so as to stop the detonation and fails. Amy ends up saving the day.

There’s also the issue of Amy not remembering the Daleks stealing the earth. You would assume that this is something that would burn into someone’s memory. As the TARDIS disappears away we see the third crack in the universe in three episodes. Seems like someone is toying with the time and space continuum… Or maybe that the crack is following Amy?

The next episode features the weeping angels (DW 2005: 3×10)!! Blink is my favourite DW story and I expect a very atmospheric episode next time!


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