True Blood Season 3 Cast [SPOILERS]

WARNING: Character spoilers below!

Denis O’Hare – Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi, vampire

Grant Bowler – Coot, leader of a motorcycle gang, werewolf

Theo Alexander – Talbot, Russell’s “trophy husband”, vampire

Shannon Lucio – Caroline Compton, Bill’s wife before he was turned, human

Marshall Allman – Tommy Mickens, Sam’s younger brother, possible shifter

J. Smith-Cameron – Melinda Mickens, Sam’s mother, possible shifter

James Frain – Franklin Mott, Tara’s love interest, vampire

Alfre Woodard – Ruby Jean Reynolds, Lafayette’s mother, human

Natasha Alam – Yvetta, dancer at Fangtasia/Eric’s lover, human?

Gregg Daniel – Reverend Daniels, Lettie Mae’s pastor, human

Joe Manganiello – Alcide, assists Sookie in searching for Bill, were

Cooper Huckabee – Joe Lee Mickens, husband of Melinda, human

Lindsay Pulsipher – Crystal Norris, has a connection to Jason, were

Kevin Alejandro – Jesus Velasquez, love interest for Lafayette, human

Brit Morgan – Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s ex, were

Hans Tester – Ulfrick Northman, Eric’s father, human

Melissa Rauch – Summer, love interest for Hoyt, human

Grainger Hines – Colonel John Flood, packmaster, were

Dawn Olivieri – Janice Herveaux, Alcide’s sister, human?

Gregory Sporleder – Calvin Norris, leader of Hotshot, were

Lauren Bowles – Holly Cleary, waitress at Merlotte’s, human

Vincent Ward – Hollis, owner of were bar, were?

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