True Blood: Season 3 teasers Bill& Who is Holly

HBO’s latest teaser video for True Blood season 3 has arrived, featuring Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton. It looks like Bill is “alive” and well, at least for now. See it here

Based on the photos released last week, it appears that Bill is on the grounds of Russell Edgington’s estate.

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Whos is Holly Cleary

Here’s a twist: True Blood is introducing a character in season 3 who we should have met last season! Holly Cleary first appears in the second Southern Vampire Mysteries novel, Living Dead in Dallas, although her character gets more attention in book four, Dead to the World. She’s a minor but recurring character throughout the books, even dating Hoyt Fortenberry at one point. In the novels she’s in her mid-20s, divorced and the single mother of five-year-old Cody. She’s a waitress at Merlotte’s, and a Wiccan. Although she does practice some witchcraft, she’s mostly interested in living the Wiccan lifestyle.

The casting call for Holly on True Blood alters things a little bit. She’s now the thirtysomething “presumably single” mother of two children who applies for a job at Merlotte’s. The “presumably single” qualifier suggests that she might be hiding out from an estranged husband, thinking that Bon Temps is a sleepy rural town where she can live quietly. And really, considering this show, she must have a secret of some kind! The casting call also notes that Holly is “oddly prescient”, which disturbs the already high-strung Arlene, so we can assume she will have at least some sort of supernatural prowess. Holly Cleary will recur from mid-season 3 possibly into season 4, which has book fans pretty excited about a certain Eric storyline that we suspect will end season 3 and kickstart season 4.

Lauren Bowles will play Holly Cleary on True Blood.


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