MTV’s Malese Jow’s interview and iF Magazine’s Ian Somerhalder interview

iF Magazine has a brief interview with Ian Somerhalder and he talks about Damon, the Vampire Diaries cast and crew, differences between the TV show and the books and his relationship with Paul Wesley.

iF: You and Paul Wesley seem to have a great onscreen rapport. Was it there since the day you started?

SOMERHALDER: We love each other. We are like brothers. We dress alike. It’s kind of freaky. But we do have a great rapport. The thing is I realize this: I could be doing this with anyone else… Paul is such a phenomenally talented committed actor, and he’s my good friend, and we could be doing this with anybody else and we got lucky. We worked really hard to get these roles and we’re going to continue to work even harder to keep them.

Read the rest of the interview on iF.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has posted more from their Malese Jow interview. In addition to touching on her Team Anna project (which has already garnered over 200 submissions), Malese delves into the dynamics of her Vampire Diaries character and what makes her so appealing to fans.

It’s easy to understand why so many people are rooting for Anna, especially when you consider that she’s one of the most developed characters on “The Vampire Diaries.” “I love Anna because she’s so multifaceted,” Malese said. “She’s gone through the tragedy of having her mother taken away and wanting her mother back, to falling in love, to being this menacing person to get her mother. Now that she has her mother back, she can be a kid again. It’s so cool to get to see the teenager side of her because she sheltered that for so long. Now you get to really, really, really see Anna how she is in the next few episodes.”

Read the rest

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