Supernatural Fandom

Fans of “Supernatural” tend to be fairly rabid about the show, to the point that others may wonder if they A) have been indoctrinated into a secretive cult involving mind-control or B) are actually watching a quality drama. Guess what? The answer is B, and here are just a few of the reasons the CW show’s audience tends to be so loyal.

It’s meaty but without being overly complicated. For a certain subset of ambitious dramas, having a Byzantine mythology is a point of pride. One of the pleasures of “Supernatural” is the way it constructs long-term stories without allowing the show’s mythology to become off-puttingly complex.

The biggest questions within each season are answered in a timely way, and it’s possible to sum up the show’s premise for newbies in a couple of sentences (“Two brothers hunt supernatural critters, and despite their best intentions, they accidentally started the Apocalypse. Whoops.”) Yet those who’ve watched the show for years appreciate the carefully constructed callbacks to Winchester family history, which is the emotional core of the show.

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Source: Variety

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