Interview with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson

This is a fantastic interview with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, the showrunners of The Vampire Diaries. They talk to Deadline Hollywood about how the show ended up on the CW, how the two are pretty much joined at the hip, their writing process, and a bunch of awesome amazing stuff including Twitter fans.

DH: Tell me logistically how this show got on The CW and how it work now.

JP: We got hired to do this job in November of last year, we immediately wrote the script, pilot season was essentially already over, and this was a late thing for [Vampire producer] Warner Bros. and for The CW.  We wrote the script as quickly as possible over Christmas [2008], handed it in January [2009], it was ordered to pilot within a week of us handing it in, we then produced and made the pilot in Vancouver in March and April. And then immediately turned around and posted it in an accelerated 10-day process, and delivered it. It got picked up within a week, and the first day after the upfront week, when we went to announce the show in May [2009], we started our writers.

Read the rest of the interview here 🙂

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