Who is Tommy Mickens?

This season True Blood introduces a new family for one of our favorites, Sam Merlotte. In season 2 we saw Sam attempting to leave Bon Temps to find his birth parents; now we know that in season 3, he’ll not only find his mother but a half-brother, Tommy Mickens.

The  novels give Sam a mother, stepfather, and a brother and sister, but only Sam and his mother are shifters. After the weres reveal their existence, Sam’s family doesn’t take the news well. His stepfather freaks out when his mother changes in front of him, leading to some jailtime and a divorce. Meanwhile, Sam’s brother and sister struggle to come to terms with the new knowledge.

Tommy Mickens In Brief

Sex: Male
Species: Shifter?
Age: Early 20s
Status: Single
Relatives: Mom Melinda, Dad Joe Lee, half-brother Sam
Occupation: Sells tires at The Tire Depot
Location: Arkansas

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