The TV addict’s Supernatural Season Finale spoilers

Any clues as to who the rumored death in the SUPERNATURAL season finale is?
The TV Addict: According to our moles at the CW (“Mole” of course being code for “press release”) May’s season finale has a beloved character facing death. Of course the operative word here is “facing.” Translation: Don’t be so quick to assume that a just because a beloved character is facing death, a beloved character will die. Especially on a show as sparsely populated as SUPERNATURAL whose ensemble is pretty much comprised of only Sam, Dean, Castiel (who as an angel is already “dead” enough) and the occasional guest appearance by Bobby. Having said that, the penultimate episode of the season does feature Bobby selling his soul to help stop the Apocalypse, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea! Stay tuned.


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