The Vampire Diaries Season Finale tease

The Big Tease has a little tidbit from the season finale, check it out!

Tell me something – anything – about the ‘Vampire Diaries’ finale. Please, please, please, with a cherry on top? – Ariel

How about a tiny little something on how the season finale actually and truly ends? Can you handle it? OK, proceed to read: A source tells me the very last face you will see before the screen fades to black belongs to… Elena. (Yeah I know, she probably had a 1-in-3 chance.)

And as if this wasn’t enough, Nina Dobrev in this Q&A with New York Post’s PopWrap,  says the season finale will drive fans crazy! You Stelena fans might breathe a sigh of relief after reading this.

PW: For many fans, the idea of Elena dating Damon is more intriguing than Stefan.
Nina: Really? That’s funny.

PW: You don’t see them as a viable couple?
Nina: I think people think that because it’s such a forbidden attraction. Everyone knows that Damon is dangerous and sooooo not right for her in all these ways, but there is an understanding between them. She doesn’t like him but she understands where he’s coming from and why he does what he does. Their relationship is getting more complex. Who knows what could happen in the future, but right now, it’s all Stefan all the time for Elena. She will do anything for him. Including having to put up with Damon.

PW: But it seems like the show wants us to want them together — especially in light of this picture (below) from the episode about Miss Mystic Falls.
Nina: All I will tell you is that as things keep progressing, them teaming up in any way is always out of circumstance. It’s always out of necessity. Elena is very loyal, has high morals and whatever she does, it’s for good. She’s nothing like Katherine. She’s not conniving and she would never do anything to hurt Stefan.

PW: Your show is one of the only ones that ends every episode with a cliffhanger. Does that — no pun intended — raise the stakes for the season finale?
Nina: Oh yeah, oh yeah. Every episode has to be shocking — especially the finale, which we start shooting next week.

PW: Have you read the script yet?
Nina: No one’s seen the script yet, but we’re hearing rumors and I guarantee that there will be more than one, two, three or four cliffhangers, “oh my god” moments that will be extremely shocking. The summer will be excruciating on fans as they wait for season two. You’ll just want to know. Hell, I want to know!

PW: Lastly, when I talked to Kevin Williamson in November, he picked Taylor Swift as his dream guest star to play a vampire on the show — who is yours?
Nina: Amanda Seyfried. I think she would be a bad-ass vampire. She’s so talented and has that look – those piercing eyes. And I’m sure she could be a vicious and terrifying vampire. I’d love it if she came on the show!

Read the rest of the interview!

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