Alex Kingston speculations on River Song [possible spoilers]

Alex Kingston has suggested that her Doctor Who character River Song could be the Doctor’s mother.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Kingston explained that she had previously thought that River was the Doctor’s lover.

“I was absolutely certain,” she said. “That’s what I’d assumed. But when I was reading ‘The Time Of Angels’, I suddenly thought, ‘My God, she’s his mother!'”

However, Kingston explained that she still thinks the pair have a romantic relationship.

“The flirtation between them still indicates they have a much more intimate relationship further down the line, and I sort of hope it is that,” she said. “I hope they’re married. Otherwise, if she’s his mother, the flirtation isn’t quite appropriate!”

She continued: “[Showrunner] Steven Moffat always leaves a couple of doors open a chink, so he can change tack whenever he wants. That makes it exciting to act, but also a little dangerous. She could be the Doctor’s grandmother, for goodness’ sake! I don’t think Steven wants to be pinned down.”

One Response to “Alex Kingston speculations on River Song [possible spoilers]”

  1. […] The Angels arrive and surround Amy, whose communicator starts to beep to indicate there are Angels around her. The Doctor tells her that the Angels are still scared and just follow their instincts around her to freeze to stone, but Amy soon gives herself away as blind and the Angels close in to kill her but just in time, River teleports her to the control room. The Doctor exclaims that he could just kiss River to which she replies “Maybe when you’re older” which rules out the rumour that River is the Doctor’s mum. […]

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