Old Classics #4: Supernatural 3×12 Jus In Bello

This week I chose an episode of a still going show just because I am totally madly and deeply in love with this certain episode. It kept me company during dragging hours while working at a convenience store and is simply fraking epic!

So what’s it about?

Sam and Dean track Bella to a hotel room. Ransacking the room, they find a couple of wigs….but no colt. The phone rings and Dean answers. Guess who? When Dean asks her where she is, Bella informs him that she is already long gone and that the boys won’t be coming after her anytime soon as they are about to be quite occupied…. The door suddenly bursts open and cops swarm in to arrest Sam and Dean led by their old friend Agent Henriksen who is quite pleased. Sam and Dean, on the other hand…..
Henriksen goes ahead to the local jail where he lets loose the only prisoner currently in holding, a drunk and disorderly, and tells the sheriff he’s bringing in two of the most dangerous fugitives he’s ever been after. Sam and Dean are brought in and they attempt to assure the secretary, Nancy, that they aren’t the ones she should be afraid of. Nancy continuously fingers a rosary as the boys are led through to the cell.

The boys are shoved into a cell, still chained together both hands and feet – where they immediately walk in opposite directions and nearly fall over when the chain tightens. They decide they had better sit and, after a few moments of bumping into each other and getting nearly hopelessly tangled, they manage to drop onto the cot. Neither of them has any idea how they are going to get out of this one.

Henriksen calls deputy director Groves (PETER DE LUISE!!!) and tells him about Sam and Dean. Groves tells Henriksen that he is not only sending a chopper but that he will be on it. Seems he doesn’t trust Henriksen to not let Sam and Dean slip through his fingers again.

Henriksen takes a few moments to enjoy tossing verbal potshots at Dean as Sam sits silently in the corner. Henriksen is trying to decide whether he will have steak or lobster in celebration of this arrest and Dean tells him that he shouldn’t be celebrating just yet. Groves arrives, handing Henriksen a couple of hours worth of paperwork to fill out immediately, and goes to have a word with Sam and Dean. He wanders up to the cell, smirks at the boys, pulls out a silencer-equipped pistol and shoots Dean! The boys dodge a couple more bullets until Sam gets hold of Groves’ gun arm and pulls him even further through the bars. He holds him there while he begins a quick exorcism. Which is sexy as heck. Sam, please start latinoexorcise stuff again! It is so effin hot ❤ Groves’ eyes turn black as the demon within shows itself and tells them that it’s already too late, that other demons are already on their way and “it’s gonna be a long night!”. The demon is expelled from Groves’ body, which falls to the floor, and escapes through the vent in the ceiling just as Henriksen and the others burst in, guns drawn and telling Sam to drop Groves’ gun. Sam puts the gun down as he tells them “We didn’t shoot him. Look at him, there’s no blood!” They check the deputy Director, who is now quite dead, but find no blood. Dean, holding his shoulder where the bullet went through it, says “He’s probably been dead for months!”

Sam helps Dean with the bullet wound while one of the Sheriff’s deputies goes outside to see why no one out there is answering calls on the radio. What he finds is a bunch of dead cops, all with their throats slit. Confused and scared, he starts to radio back inside to tell the others what is going on when there’s a flash of fire and the helicopter explodes. He turns to run back inside and runs smack into a demon who, naturally, slits his throat. Inside is pandemonium as everyone except Henriksen attempts to prepare for a war they never saw coming. They think, naturally, that friends of Dean and Sam’s are staging a break-out. After listening to them jabber for a few moments, Henriksen tells them to get a grip, make sure the windows and doors are all locked and act like the professionals they are supposed to be. Everyone calms down, realizing he’s right, and the Sheriff and deputy go off to do as they were told.

Henriksen asks Sam and Dean what’s supposed to happen next in their plan and they assure him that this is no plan of theirs and that whoever is behind it is no friend of theirs, either. When they ask what’s going on, Henriksen interrupts with “and don’t tell me this has something to do with demons.” He also tells Dean to take a good look at Sam because he’s never going to see him again.

After Henriksen leaves, Sam and Dean notice Nancy hovering around a corner. Sam asks her for help with Dean’s wound, just a clean towel so he can stop the bleeding. She runs away but comes back a few minutes later with a towel. Sam coaxes her close enough to get hold of her arm and she starts screaming. The deputy runs in and Sam quickly lets her go. The deputy warns them that if they try something like that again they are going to get shot and this time, it won’t be in the arm. Dean asks Sam what that was all about and Sam shows him the rosary he took from Nancy.

The sheriff arrives, unlocks the cell door and tells them that it’s time to go. Considering what’s happened so far, the boys are a little reluctant. They back up and tell him they’re fine right where they are. Suddenly Henriksen shows up and asks the sheriff what he’s doing. The sheriff tells him there’s a SWAT facility in Boulder and they’re going to take Sam and Dean there. Henriksen tells him they’re not going anywhere and, when the sheriff begins to argue, he shoots the sheriff in the head.

Sam and Dean grab Henriksen and shove his head in the toilet, where the rosary floats on the surface of the now holy toilet water. Sam starts with the sexy Latin, Henricksen’s eyes turn black and the exorcism is performed with occasional dunks into the holy toilet and you just KNOW they must have enjoyed that, forcing the demon to leave. Henriksen falls to the floor and when Nancy asks if he’s dead, he suddenly gasps and sits up.

Henriksen can no longer deny the truth. After coming to grips with the fact that demons are real, that he was possessed and that he shot the sheriff (but, as Dean points out, he didn’t shoot the deputy – and if you didn’t know THAT line was coming, you haven’t heard nearly enough Clapton in you life!). The smirk Dean wears compared to Sam’s appalled disapproving look is priceless! Henriksen unlocks Sam and Dean’s chains. Sam begins spraying devils traps around in front of all the entrances as Nancy tends to Dean’s bullet wound. Henriksen and the deputy gather all the guns and Dean tells them that the weapons they have are just going to annoy the enemy they’re up against. He tells them they need salt – lots and lots of salt. Henriksen and the deputy look at him like he’s crazy but Nancy tells them there’s road salt in the store room. Dean tells them to put a line of salt across every door and window.

Dean asks Nancy how she’s holding up and she tells him about how, when she was a little girl, she would come home from church talking about the devil and demons and her parents would tell her to stop being so literal. She tells him, “I guess I showed them, huh?”

Dean asks where his car is so he can go and get weapons that will work from the trunk. They tell him it’s in the impound lot and he runs out. As he’s grabbing stuff, a wind begins to blow and the lights start flickering. Dean looks up and sees the nasty, amorphous smoke that heralds the arrival of a large number of demons flowing through the sky towards him. He gets back inside just ahead of the demons and tells everyone “they’re coming!” Everyone looks outside as the windows are blacked out, the building engulfed in demon smoke. It’s gone as suddenly as it arrived.

Dean pulls amulets from the sack he filled at the car and tosses them to everyone, telling them to put them on and that they will keep the demons from being able to possess them. Nancy asks, “What about you and Sam,” and the boys pull their shirts aside to reveal the amulet symbols tatooed on their chests. And the fangirls die by heads imploding. The deputy goes to the window to have a look at the group of people who’ve turned up outside and, naturally, breaks the salt line on the sill.

Dean and Henriksen are loading up their salt-filled shotgun shells and Henriksen asks Dean “Do you know what my job is?” Dean tells him that aside from locking up the good guys, he has no idea. Henriksen admits that his job is boring compared to what Dean and Sam do and that, if he’s lucky, he will still have taken only a handful of dangerous criminals off the streets by the end of his career saving only a few lives in the process. Dean tells him that, yes, demons are real…and so are ghosts, changelings and scary clowns that eat people but “if it makes you feel better, Bigfoot’s a hoax.” Henriksen assures him that it doesn’t make him feel any better. After all that he’s seen in the last few hours, Henriksen realizes that Dean and Sam have been on the right side after all and they’ve probably saved a good many more lives than he himself has.

There’s a crash of glass and Dean and Henriksen regroup with the others to find Ruby standing under the window inside one of the devil’s traps. “Well, are you going to let me out?” she asks. Sam bends down and scratches off a part of the spray paint to let her out. She smirks. “And they say chivalry’s dead.”

Dean asks her how many there are out there and she says about 30. When he asks what’s going on, Ruby looks at Sam. “You didn’t tell Dean?” She tells Dean about the demon who’s out to get Sam. A girl named Lilith. Dean can’t believe Sam hasn’t told him about this.

Ruby tells them they’re going to need the colt and Sam and Dean are forced to tell her it’s been stolen. After a few moments of ranting about their stupidity Ruby sighs, and says the only way they’re going to get out is to do a spell that she knows—one that requires someone of virtue. The only problem is that it’ll kill every demon in a mile radius, including her.

When Ruby tells Dean that they need a virgin, he laughs. Well, so much for…his gaze lands on Nancy. “No way.” Nancy quickly tells him that “it’s a choice!” Right away Dean tells Ruby that they’re not going to do her plan. Nancy asks what she has to do, and Ruby tells her to hold still….while she cuts out her heart.

Dean protests automatically once again, as does Henricksen, and Ruby turns to Sam. Dean looks to his brother for agreement, and when he doesn’t get it, is shocked. Ruby tells Sam, “You know I’m right.” Nancy asks if the people outside will be alright if she is sacrificed. Ruby tells her that the people outside are possessed and that, as long as no damage has been done to their bodies, yes they will be alright once the demons have been destroyed. Nancy tells them that she wants to do it, that if it will save her friends and all of them, she will agree to be sacrificed so Ruby can perform the spell.

Dean tells everyone to just hold on and heads for the door. “Sam I need to talk to you.” In the hallway, Dean asks him what he thinks he’s doing. Sam reluctantly points out that there’s 30 people out there they could save if they go through with Ruby’s plan. Dean argues that they’re not killing an innocent to save anyone, especially not one who’s “never even been laid”!

When Sam asks what else they’re going to do, Dean tells him he has a plan. He’s not saying it’s going to work but…he thinks they should open the doors. And fight. Ruby tells them they’re both crazy. She says she’s leaving. She was willing to kill herself for them to win, but she’s not sticking around to watch them get themselves and everyone else killed. They let her out and she walks straight through the crowd of demons, daring them to stop her. They let her go knowing Sam and Dean have refused her help.

Inside, they break the symbols and salt lines and wait.

Demons swarm the jail and Dean, Sam, and Henriksen fight. Punches and holy water fly. Outside, Nancy and deputy are pouring salt across all the doorways, blocking the demons inside. Nancy tells the deputy “When this over, I’m going to have so much sex!” He looks at her and she amends her statement with “But not with you.” Dean and Sam are against the wall (literally) and Dean yells, “Henricksen, now!”

Henriksen fights his way through a crowd of demons and pushes the “play” button on a tape recorder. And this is the MOST EPIC FRAKING scene I have watched! Sam’s voice fills the building as the Latin exorcism is played over the building’s loudspeaker system. All the demons go crazy as they’re exorcised en masse. Sam and Dean let out a breath and fall to the floor. The plan worked!

The people are saved and Henrickson tells Sam and Dean that he is going to report them dead. As far as he’s concerned, Sam and Dean Winchester died in the fire that took the helicopter. “Rest in peace guys.” He shakes their hands and Sam and Dean leave as he picks up the phone to call in their deaths.

A little girl arrives at the police station asking for “Two boys. One’s really tall and one’s really cute?” Nancy laughs and asks her what her name is.


Everyone looks up, Henriksen starts forward when suddenly Lilith’s eyes turn white (LITTLE GIRLS ARE CREEPY I TELL YOU!!!), she holds up her hand and in a flash (literally) everyone is dead. I was so sad they killed off Henricksen. The man would have been incredible for the show 😦

Back at their hotel, Dean and Sam open the door to Ruby, who tells them to turn on the news. They find out that everyone, including the deputy, Henriksen and Nancy, were killed minutes after they left.

Ruby tosses them two pouches of something she says will keep Lilith off their tracks. She then growls at them that it turns out their plan was actually the one with the body count. “She killed everyone, including your precious virgin.” She asks them if they even know how to fight a war and tells them you don’t leave anyone alive to report back to the boss.

“So next time? We go with my plan.”

Sam and Dean are both devastated with the outcome and wearily take the pouches as Ruby slams the door behind her on the way out…

That was awesome I want to know more!

Of course you do! This episode is simply EPIC!

  • The sexy latin part:

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, in nomine et virtute Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, eradicare et effugare a Dei Ecclesia, ab animabus ad imaginem Dei conditis ac pretioso divini Agni sanguine redemptis.

  • Jus in bello means “justice in war”, and refers to the guidelines for “fighting well” once war has begun.
  • Originally this episode was listed as 3.11, but the airing order of the episodes was changed in late January as Eric Kripke felt it would provide a better end to what was likely to be a truncated season due to the WGA Strike.
  • Peter Deluise, who played the part of Steven Groves in this episode, had worked with Supernatural producer Kim Manners previously – on 21 Jump Street.
  • Henriksen: You know what I’m trying to decide? Dean: Oh I don’t know, what – whether cialis will help you with your little condition? Cialis is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, similar to Viagra.
  • Henriksen: Work with me here. I’ll get them our of your hair and on to Supermax, and you’ll be home in enough time to watch the Farm Report. The Farm Report (also known as USFR for short) is a weekly syndicated television program, presented in magazine format, and focusing on agriculture and agribusiness. It is hosted by John Phipps and is based in South Bend, Indiana.

Was there any important/funny quotes in the episode?


Sheriff: Look, Agent, this ain’t my first rodeo!
Henricksen: You ain’t never been to a rodeo like this before. You have any idea who we’re about to bring in here?
Sheriff: Yeah, a couple of fugitives.
Henricksen: The most dangerous criminals you’ve ever laid your eyeballs on! Think Hannibal Lecter and his half-wit little brother!

Henricksen: I got a lot to celebrate. I mean, after all, seein’ you two in chains?
Dean: You kinky son of a b*tch. We don’t swing that way.

Dean: It’s like we got a contract on us. Think it’s because we’re so awesome? I think it’s ’cause we’re so awesome.

Henricksen: I shot the sheriff.
Dean: But you didn’t shoot the deputy.

Sam: You were possessed.
Henricksen: Possessed like… possessed?
Sam: That’s what it feels like. Now you know.
Dean: I owe you the biggest “I told you so” ever.

Henricksen: So, turns out demons are real.
Dean: F.Y.I. — ghosts are real, too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people.
Henricksen: Okay, then.
Dean: If it makes you feel better, Bigfoot’s a hoax.

Henricksen: Shotgun shells full of salt.
Dean: Whatever works.
Henricksen: Fighting off monsters with condiments.

Ruby: Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts spilled in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.

(after being told that they lost the Colt)
Ruby: I’m sorry, I must have blood in my ear. I thought I just heard you say that you were stupid enough to let the Colt get grabbed out of your thick, clumsy, idiotic hands!

Dean: Nobody kill any virgins!

Henricksen: I better call in. Hell of a story I won’t be telling.
Sam: So what are you going to tell them?
Henricksen: The least ridiculous lie I can come up with in the next five minutes.

Ruby: Don’t thank me. Lilith killed everyone. She slaughtered your precious little virgin, plus half a dozen other people. So after your big speech about humanity in war, it turns out, your plan was the one with the body count. Do you know how to fight a battle? You strike fast and you don’t leave any survivors. No one can go running to tell the boss. So next time, we go with my plan.

Come on! Gimme a trailer! Or some scenes!


You betcha

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