The Vampire Diaries spoiler chat

Via E!Online’s Kristin:

Callie in Baltimore: How about some hints on the OMG moments in the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? Are they really OMG?

I can tell you that the biggest of them all is more OMFG, and it’s a double death. One a younger actor. One an older actor. Both will be off the show for good.

Gia in Golden, Colo.: I can’t wait till this week’s Vampire Diaries, but I was wondering if the deaths of Pearl and Harper were the two you were speaking of in a previous Spoiler Chat?
They were. But two more will go also

2 Responses to “The Vampire Diaries spoiler chat”

  1. i really want to watch the vampire diaries but i can’t find the channel so if you know the channel for it on cox cable and what time it comes on please tell by emailing me at

    • Sorry, I’m not American so I don’t know about the channels and all. It’s on CW as far as I know but it’s probably midseason in reruns now.

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