Doctor Who: Faithful Amy Pond

The Doctor won’t come between Amy Pond and her fiance.

Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory Williams in ‘Doctor Who’, thinks his character has such a strong bond with Amy that nothing would ever tear them apart.

Arthur said: “They grew up together. They started as best friends. It’s one of those strange relationships – Amy’s a kissogram and Rory’s kind of alright about it, as much as he’s never going to say that he isn’t. He can’t believe they’re together, and I think she brings out a much more adventurous side of him than he would normally show.”

Arthur even believes The Doctor will bring Rory and Amy closer together because few people believe the Timelord exists.

He explained: “They have the shared bond of the Doctor. Everyone else thought Amy was crazy and making this guy up, but Rory’s always been very supportive of her – because he loves her.”

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