Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song recap

Before I start the recap I must say that no matter how many more seasons SPN gets, I’ll always consider this the real ending much like Threads was the real ending of Stargate SG-1 for me.

Both the Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries finales didn’t want to be watched. My internet was retarded as I mentioned to you on Friday morning so I couldn’t get hold of the episode. After a lot of cursing and kicking inanimate objects and swearing at the stupid frakers who chose to mess up with the net lines, I managed to find the episodes on rapidshare and oh jolly good holy cow of internet! The speed was stable and high even with a free download 😮 I’m never going back to torrents… Anyway so I put on the episode to watch (greek subs had already been uploaded much to my hubby’s delight) and we were (expectedly) greeted by Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song. It also makes me get all shivery and tearry and of course prepare the ground for another epic season finale.

After the road so far a kinda out of place narration about cars came up. At that point I started thinking that I might have gotten a fake file but then of course the Metallicar was mentioned. And apparently the Impala is currently the single most importan thing in the universe. WTF o_O My hubby speculated it is going to be Lucifer’s cage but I said “No way.”

We see Dean and Sam sharing a beer and Dean agrees to Sam’s plan to trap Lucifer. They gather around four gallons of demon blood and the Winchesters, Cas and Bobby set out to meet up with the devil in Detroit. Sam mentions that should he succeed he would be trapped in Hell along with Lucifer and has to make Dean promise not to attempt to bring him back (probably selling his soul again in the process).  Horrified, Dean refuses, but Sam stands his ground.  He tells Dean that he should find Lisa and settle into a normal family life, white fence and all that jazz. Sam then proceeds to say goodbye to Bobby and Castiel emotional and hilarious goodbyes, respectively and then gulps down the demon blood. Ew.

We get an interlude of Chuck, narrating, explaining about all the tidbits that made the Impala special, including a soldier Sam crammed into an ashtray some Lego Dean shoved up the heater and the brothers carving their initials on the car. We also find out that on clear sky nights the Winchesters beers at hand stargazed for hours. And then it dawned on me WHY the Impala is important and what role it would play.

The Winchesters and co set off to find Luci and when they do Sam tells him he’s there to sa yes which surprises Luci. It’s one thing for your resume to say you made the devil feel surprised! Sam does some epic demon killing to prove he’s ready but then Luci spills thahem that he knew all along about their plans with the Horsemen’s rings.  Dean wants out of the plan since they no longer hold the element of surprise, but Sam doesn’t think it matters since he’s going to have to battle Luci’s will anyway.  Sam says the definite and final yes and Lucifer jumps him. Dean manages to open the chasm and runs to check on the still unconscious Sam who comes to and seems ready to jump in the pit. And here I am thinking the rest of the episode will take place inhell. I was wrong. Thank God. It turns out it’s been Lucifer all along since he came to and was only messing with Dean. Jared Padalecki has some serious hot acting going on. You really see in his eyes that he goes over to the cookies of the darkside . Brrrr.

Leaving Dean in despair Luci pops out and proceeds to play with his world sandbox. Cas and Bobby want to give up, as there is little to no hope left, but Dean of course won’t give away Sammy so easily.  He calls Chuck, who reveals that the showdown between Michael and Lucifer will take place in a graveyard outside of -where else really? – Lawrence, Kansas.  As Chuck said, it needs to end where it began.

To be honest I expected a big showdown between Luci and Mike. I wasn’t disappointed with the way they chose to go though.  Samcifer meets with Adamichael in the graveyard and the two brothers talk. Lucifer tells his brother that they don’t need to fight – that they should stop letting their father (God) order them around.  Michael who’s uber loyal disagrees. They sound awfully like Sam and Dean over John. But we’ve done that parallel before.

And here comes Dean on his black stallion Impala. Dean wants to talk to Sam, but Michael tells him to sod off. Then Castiel appears and tosses a holy molotov on Michael (using my new favourite insult – assbutt) incinerating him for the time being, buying Dean time to speak to Samcifer. Luci though is pissed because noone fraks with his brother but him and blows Cas up. We’re talking meatgrinder deal. For the second time. Dean is still trying to reach out to Sam, trying to make him take his body’s wheel but then Lucifer decides to throw Dean on the Impala windshield (which breaks – OW) that triggers Bobby to -stupidly- shoot Lucifer with the Colt which does squat. Lucifer,  pissed breaks Bobby’s neck.

😐 I expected Castiel OR Bobby. Not both. Dammit!

Lucifer beats Dean up into next week but Dean tells Sammy that he’s not going to leave him. If Sam is to die, Dean is tagging along.  He’s not even fighting back.   And it’s Dean face, filled with emotional pain and love for his little brother paired with a bit of sunshine flaring on the Impala’s chromes into Lucifer’s eyes, a glance at the toy soldier  that finally reaches Sam. We are hit with a wave of flashbacks (including my favourite brother moment of them singing Dead or Alive) that show how close the brothers really are. They never had anyone than each other for their whole lives and now it’s all rushing through Sam’s mind, helping him break to the surface.  He ends up panting as Dean sits bleeding and broken on the ground and tells Dean it’s all gonna be alright.

Sam opens the portal to Hell himself just as Michael returns and tells Lucifer that they will fight and that it is their destiny. But Dean worded it well in Point of no Return. “Screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.” Sam obviously agrees with this statement and grabs Michael dragging him along in the pit.

At this point the avi decided to freeze on me *golfclap* I told you this ep didn’t want to be watched 😐 And I found mysefl annoyingly tearry realising that maybe Sam wouldn’t be returning for season 6…

Dean still on the ground where his brother disappeared into Hell, obviously pained, now alone. COmpletely alone. He’s lost everyone. Wait no- Cas had returned and his angel mojo is back. Dean asks Cas if he’s God but Cas says no. (shoot, there goes one of my theories) Cas heals Dean’s severaly damaged body and then ressurects Bobby.

Cas thinks he’ll return to Heaven now.  With Michael gone and God still missing, the chain of command is likely broken and someone needs to put things in a line.

We once again are treated by Chuck’s narration telling us that Bobby and Dean part ways and will not see each other again for a long time. We’re promised Bobby will resume his normal hunter duties by next week.

Dean heads off to Lisa’s house and settles in.  We see him sitting at the table with Ben and Lisa obviously pained but still in one piece. It seems as if the episode ends as the camera zooms out of the window. Outside Lisa’s house we see a streetlight flicker off and there is Sam, looking in on his brother. And the episode ends leaving us to bite our nails for the whole of the summer until we find out what’s in store for the Winchesters. Will Sam believe that Dean finally got the normal family life he always wanted and won’t tell him he’s alive? And how the eff is Sam back?

After he was done narrating and writing the story of the Winchesters and the Apocalypse, we see Chuck one more time. Clad in a white shirt he simply smiled and disappeared into thin air. My husband exclaimed “Oh, so He is God!” and I wholeheartedly agree. I think God was helping the boys a little but let it on their free will. Now that their free will has been proven victorious it is time to aid themby returning Cas and (probably) Sammy. There are theories that Sammy is a ghost. Could he be a ghost in Season 6 like Spike was on Angel?

My lappy battery is running out so I will end this recap here. You can find screenshots of the episode in a previous post.

Goodnight 🙂

4 Responses to “Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song recap”

  1. Didn’t like the idea of God being Chuck.

    Assbutt is my new fav insult too!

  2. Really great review. Agree with all of it. This episode was OMG AWESOME. What a wonderful way to end S5. Seeing Dean on his knees in the graveyard so terribly alone broke my heart too. I knew how Dean was feeling. So glad Cas and Bobby are back. Dean going to Lisa and her “I will help you with this loss Dean” hug, Dean almost colaspese in her arms. I could hear the sobs…but Dean gets his normal apple pie life with Lisa and Ben.
    Sam under the spotlight looking in on Dean I was like WTH what are you Sam???
    Last scene with Chuck disappearing (like he is God) I can buy that. And best of all Chuck showed us that The Winchester Boys have always had a home and family. The Impala and each other. Can’t wait for S6. PS Screencaps are wonderful.
    New poster here but I found this site some time ago. Great site.


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