‘Doctor Who’ arena tour announced

A Doctor Who arena tour has been announced.

The Sun reports that the live show, set in wartime London, will feature large replicas of the Daleks and the Cybermen battling on stage.

The Weeping Angels, Judoon, and Ood will also appear on the tour, which is being penned by showrunner Steven Moffat.

The programme’s stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will not join the event but are filming clips which will be broadcast during the show.

“This is everything I ever wanted since I was 11,” Moffat explained. “A live show, with all the coolest Doctor Who monsters, a proper story, and brand new material for Matt Smith’s Doctor. I’ll be writing scenes for it – and probably attending every single night.”

Doctor Who composer Murray Gold, who has written new music for the tour, added: “The live element always adds something extra.”

The tour kicks off at Wembley Arena on October 8 and finishes at Belfast Odyssey Arena on November 7. Tickets go on sale on Friday. Mortals who don’t live in the UK are left to suck on their thumbs 😦

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