TVD: 1×22 Founders Day recap

First of all. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY for the extremely late recap.

I kept my job although things are getting way frustrating over there. I also slipped on a wet floor today which I had mopped it myself mind you and am all black and blue now 😦 but you probably don’t care πŸ˜›

Secondly, the finale was a MUST SEE. Seriously, you shouldn’t just get away with a recap, sit down and watch it. It is one of the best things I’ve watched on TV.


It’s finally Founder’s Day and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Damon and Stefan are acting all Alpha Males around Elena’, making Stefan confess to Elena about John Gilbert being her father. Caroline still has to endure the Matt and Tyler drama no matter the fact that Tyler took Matt to the hospital. Bonnie’s still being a bitch (and although you try to redeem yourself later in the episode, I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE). Anna finds out that Jeremy doesn’t want to turn anymore but she leaves him a vial of her blood anyway. Well, way to go girl. This was so responsible 😐

Johnathan Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood are planning to use the town as bait to take out the vampires with the device that Bonnie “forgot” to dispel. (!@#@#$@) Sheriff Forbes is not at all rocking that boat and as Sheriff, declares it a no go. John being the bastard we all know and love hate, naturally knocks her out and handcuffs her to a pole. The plan: John will activate the device, which acts like a dog whistle by sending out a pulse that only vampires can hear in a five mile radius. When the vampires attack during the fireworks display the pulse will go off, rendering the vampires useless and exposed. The cops will then inject the vamps with vervaine before taking them to Dr. Grayson Gilbert’s old medical building where John will “finish them off”. Dude, you could have just called off the fireworks display πŸ˜›

Anna informs Damon of the Tomb Vamps plan before getting Jeremy and trying to leave. The mayor orders Tyler to go home and to take Matt and Caroline along. The fireworks start and Damon finds John in the abandoned doctor’s building, but John sets the device on and all the vamps go down, including Damon, Stefan, and Anna. Waaaay before I told my hubby β€œI wonder if it affects werewolves too” he wasn’t convinced yet about Tyler being a wolfie but I WAS RIGHT HA HA! But it is BOTH Tyler AND Mayor Lockwood that go nuts. Like father like son eh?

Tyler is an unlucky sod as he is driving at the time which results in him crashing the car. While medics check up on Tyler (and we get to see his wolf eyes), Caroline collapses and has to be taken to the ER. Ow.

Meanwhile, John and the cops round up the vamps into the basement of the old clinic, including Anna who was pulled out of Jeremy’s hands, Damon and Mayor Lockwood. Damon witnesses as John Gilbert takes it upon himself to STAKE ANNA before setting the basement on fire! OMGWTFBBQ! Anna is dead :/ While the fire blazes, Mayor Lockwood wakes up and is shocked when he sees Damon. After Damon reveals that he’s a vampire (and asking the Mayor what the hell is HIS excuse for being down there), Mayor Lockwood backs into the waiting arms of a tomb vamp who snaps his neck just for shits and giggles.

Alaric saves Stefan arse and informs him and Elena that Damon is nowhere to be found. Stefan uses his vampyhearing and spots the commotion in the basement, leading him and Elena to the doctor’s office that is guarded by John and cops. When Stefan runs to save his brother, John grabs Elena and tells her if she steps one foot towards the building he will include her in the fire. Elena balks, asking if he would do that to his own daughter! Take that you assbutt! Bonnie comes along at the other entrance into the building and tries to stop Stefan from going in, but he ignores her. Elena tries to go in, too, but Bonnie stops her and begins chanting (BUT I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU BONNIE), which helps Stefan get in, get Damon out, and leave without being hurt but blazes up the fire for the rest of vampires.

Matt and Tyler reconciliate in the hospital, but Sheriff Forbes joins them to spoil the fun. Caroline was suffering from internal bleeding and has to undergo immediate surgery and they don’t know whether she’ll make it. If tyhis wasn’t enough Tyler needs to call home, because of his dad. FRAK.

Damon visits Jer and confirms Jeremy’s fears of Anna’s death. Damon offers to erase his memories again and take the pain away, but Jeremy says it wouldn’t help. Damon apologizes to Jeremy for everything and the two discuss how vampires can turn off their feelings, something that Anna told Jeremy earlier that day. Damon says that it does work and that’s easy when you are a vampire, but that life still sucks either way. After Damon leaves, Jeremy takes the vial of Anna’s blood, drinks it and downs some pills and apparently dies and will be up as a vamp in Season 2 :S

Bonnie tells Stefan that even though she saved their vampy asses, she did it for Elena and Elena alone. She also says that Damon has to change his ways or she will take both him and Stefan down in a heartbeat.

Damon leaves the Gilbert house and bumps into Elena and he spills all his feelings out to her, including that he has had a change of heart since he has returned to Mystic Falls and now wants to protect the town, instead of destroying it. Plus, he is thankful that Elena would consider saving his life, which means to him that Elena feels that he is worth something. Elena is very quiet throughout this confession and the two stare at each other in silence. Damon kisses Elena on the cheek and then fully on tongue action o_O WTF. Did I mention that Elena had declared that she loved Stefan and Stefan alone just minutes before? Meh. I was so freaked out that Stefan would walk in on them 😐 but Jenna opens the door and is shocked at what she sees, telling Elena to come in. Damon stands on the porch with a “WTF” face.

Elena goes to the kitchen where John is and he immediately goes into apologetic, explanation mode but Elena still remains silent placing some knives in their place. I found it hilarious that as the most hated character of the show was apologising she was handling knives xD He then asks if Elena needs help putting up the knives. She says yes, then picks one up and CHOPS OFF JOHN’S RING FINGER!!!!!! Which I totally saw it coming because they did zoom on his hand πŸ˜›

And yep, it is KATHERINE. OOH BABY! She proceeds to stab John and I can’t get enough of watching this scene again and again. The Real Elena comes home and walks into the eerily quiet house. She calls for everyone and heads into the kitchen and…………. The Vampire Diaries logo bitchslaps us right in the face :S

So now we have to wait until September to find out what will happen. Good thing True Blood season three begins soon or I’d go nuts during summer D:


One Response to “TVD: 1×22 Founders Day recap”

  1. R. Salvatore Says:

    Excellent re-cap! The finale had me on the edge of my seat… (I really think I’ll go crazy before September.)

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