True Blood:Alan Ball talks season 3 +Premiere Sneak Peek

Alan Ball has promised that fans will be surprised by the third season of True Blood. Although the series is based on books by Charlaine Harris, Ball explained that readers of the novels will not know what is coming up in the programme. “For people who read the book, they’ll be surprised who kidnapped Bill,” Ball told Zap2It. “We definitely have used the plot from the book as a starting point, but we have done a lot differently as well.” Ball added that the team behind the television series made a decision to expand on the stories told in the novels. “Part of our challenge is that the books are basically Sookie’s story,” he said. “And they’re not anyone else’s story outside of how they interact with Sookie. We’re always looking for a way to create stories for the other characters and at the same time unify everything that keeps all the characters involved with each other as much as we can.” He continued: “Our cast just continues to expand, so it’s a challenge finding a way to serve everybody. But I think that’s part of the appeal of the show, that there are so many different characters with so many different stories, so there’s something for everybody.” Ball also dropped hints about what is to come in the third season of the show. “There’s a lot of new stuff happening, a lot more about vampire politics and the introduction of werewolves into our world,” he said. “And there’s stuff going on in Bon Temps as well. Without giving too much away, everybody’s got their hands full and everybody is being extremely tested by the circumstances of their lives.”

Here’s the sneak peek of the True Blood season 3 premiere during last night’s series finale of Lost on ABC. Even if you didn’t have the equipment to access the clip on your TV, you can see it online! Watch Sookie face-off with (naked) Eric in her search for Bill; watch Eric reluctantly assume his responsibility as Sheriff of Area 5; squee over the sexual tension. There’s a HQ video on

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