Steven Moffat teases DW finale+Doctor Who moves to later timeslot

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed details of the final two episodes of the show’s current series.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat explained that the series arc will come to a head in the cliffhanger ending of the twelfth episode ‘The Pandorica Opens’.

“It’s not just the cliffhanger for Episode 12,” he said, “it’s like the cliffhanger for every single episode up until that point. This is where the wheels come off. Everything the Doctor is running from lands on his head today,”

Moffat also revealed that he believes his seven-year-old self would be “crying my eyes out by the end of 12. And then again at the end of 13 – but a different kind of crying”.

”The Pandorica Opens’ is due to air in the UK on June 19, while the final episode of the current fifth series ‘The Big Bang’ will air on June 26.

Doctor Who is to move to a later timeslot for its ninth and tenth episodes.

‘Cold Blood’ will be screened at 7pm on May 26, while the Doctor and Amy’s encounter with famed artist Vincent van Gogh in ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ will air at 6.40pm on June 5.

The scheduling move comes after the eighth instalment of the new series ‘The Hungry Earth’ received the show’s lowest ever overnight ratings of 4.5 million viewers with a 6.15pm showing.

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