Doctor Who 5×10 Vincent and the Doctor Screencaps and review

I will skip doing a recap of the episode because a) you can already find that online and b) my brain is fried as I started learning Swedish yesterday šŸ˜›

The episode was as much of a geekgasm as I expected. I’m a sucker for history of art and Van Gogh is one of my favourite painters, what with his amazing sense of colour and his tragic story. ā¤ I loved the way they made the scenery, like in “The Girl with the pearl earring” it was like walking into the painting. I loved all the little references and was glad we avoided ear jokes about Van Gogh <_< It had several chronological inaccuracies some of them being:

  • Van Gogh died in the end of July 1890 so the episode should be set about two months before his death instead of a year.
  • His ear was already cut off in 1890 as the self portrait with the bandaged ear dates 1889.
  • Both the “Sunflowers” and the “Bedroom in Arles” were painted in 1888, two years before when the episode is set but in the episode he still hasn’t painted the sunflowers and the bedroom painting is mentioned as “still wet”.

It is pointless to mention that I’d KILL for a trip like that and to be in Amy’s place. Discussing art with Vincent Van Gogh OMG *faints*
And how cute was it when the Doctor and Amy took him to the museum with his work? If only there was a doctor that had taken him to see where the world would hold Vincent Van Gogh up to…

Anyway, this has to be one of my favourite Dr. Who episodes ever. I just love it when they have famous people in the eps ^^

Here be screencaps

2 Responses to “Doctor Who 5×10 Vincent and the Doctor Screencaps and review”

  1. scarletsea Says:

    Same! I looved this episode so much especially the last bit with “for Amy”
    I also love the bit where all three were lying on the grass looking at the sky-they made such a great trio!
    Liv šŸ™‚

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