Doctor Who 5×11 review

I think the new Doctor is underrated. Most people think he’s weird and well, uh, not Tennant. Well of course he’s not Tennant. Duh. I prefer Tennant too but I really really like Matt Smith’s doctor as well. He’s very goofy, talks A LOT and is adorable.

Anyway that out of the way, YES I also found it odd that the Doctor seemed to know very little about humans, but don’t forget our season arc involves a bitchy crack from hell that swipes your entire existence. Yup. It changes time… Maybe it has something to do with that. Overall I really liked the episode. Craig and Sophie reminded me a little too much of me and my Mr. Man and they were cute.
I also laughed a lot when the Doctor tried on his football jersey and it had 11 on it XD. Aaaaaand how cool was how the episode ended. The look of horror on AMy’s face when she saw the ring. I think our girl begins to remember 😮

I am very excited for the next episode! I love River and all those names mentioned together: Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen etc. Whooooooa. Can’t wait!

Screencaps shall ensue

One Response to “Doctor Who 5×11 review”

  1. I actually prefer Matt Smith. I like the fact that he doesn’t know much about human pop culture (Tennant’s doc could quote The Lion King for God’s sake!). That reminds me of how Tom Baker used to play it and I prefer it that way.

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