Enjoy A Drop of True Blood Every Thursday

Sookie Stackhouse & Co. are keeping us on our toes during the new season (as if we needed any more excitement!), with the debut of the first ever interactive social theater. A Drop of True Blood goes live this Thursday, June 17, at 9/8 central time.

Sookie explains, “Every Thursday night at 9pm / 8pm CT, we’ll do a Drop, a new original storyline that brings to life a scene we didn’t see, but might have wanted to in Sunday night’s episode. Maybe it’s Bill being shoved into the car by the Fuck You Crew and speeding off into the night.  Maybe it’s Andy crawling through the window into Jason’s house before they have their man-to-man talk.  Whatever the Drop is, you have to join us on Thursday night to find out.

We’ve set up a brand new stage for viewers to not only watch, but truly be a part of the show.  It’s an interactive social theater, a space where one can not only watch the story play out, but get into the action.  Every response, comment, and OMG will become part of the storyline and may eventually affect the outcome of Thursday night storylines to come.  To be a part of Drop of True Blood Thursday, go to http://truebloodtwitter.com/drops and sign in.”

We’re helping Sookie get the word out, so get those fingers limbered up and start tweeting/Facebooking/calling/emailing, however you want to spread the word, do it!

Source: http://true-blood.net/

2 Responses to “Enjoy A Drop of True Blood Every Thursday”

  1. ti pezi?? dn ktlv

    • Κάτι σαν interactive εξτρα σκηνές αλλά μάλλον είναι real time και ώρα Αμερικής οπότε δε νομίζω να μπορούμε να συμμετάσχουμε από Ελλαδιστάν…

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