Alex Skarsgård and Sam Trammel talk TB nudity

Alexander Skarsgård has revealed that he has no problem getting naked on True Blood. Skarsgård has already shown some flesh in the programme’s third season, which began on Sunday. Here it is in all his naked glory

We approve.

Take a moment and bathe your eyes on that fine Swedish ass ❤

“I don’t really care about that stuff,” he told Access Hollywood. “There’s some – there’s much more graphic stuff coming up later in the season. So that doesn’t really bother me. If it makes sense when I read it, I’m happy to throw my clothes off.”

Skarsgård also revealed that his character Eric will be fascinated by Sookie  in future episodes.

“He’s obviously attracted to her and he’s intrigued by her,” he said. “He’s trying to figure out what she is. He doesn’t really know that. She’s special. And of course he is going to pursue that in season three.”

On the other hand Sam Trammel isn’t so comfortable and has admitted that he never expected to have so many nude scenes on True Blood. Sam, has to appear naked whenever his character changes form.

“I knew I would have to be naked a little bit,” Trammell told Zap2It. “I didn’t realise every time I turned back from an animal into a human that I’m naked and very often not anywhere near my clothes that I had left wherever I turned into an animal to begin with. So I didn’t really realise how much it would be. […] Also it is kind of like I’m naked a lot but not in a romantic, sexual kind of setting with mood lighting and all that kind of stuff. I’m just out in the woods, you know, naked.”

However, Trammell joked that he enjoys figuring out ways to preserve his modesty on the series.

“I mean, it is sort of funny and we have a laugh and we kind of think about the Austin Powers bits with the grapefruits and the watermelons,” he said. “But yeah, it is always interesting figuring out if I am going to be next to the car, if the door is going to be open at a certain point and I’ll be behind the door. Yeah, it is always a different kind of trick. We have some laughs about it for sure.”

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