Dave Andrews makes effort for a SciFi network

I got this on Facebook, and it really deserves attention! The SciFi Channel…sorry, “SyFy” has seriously dropped the ball in the past few years. It is no longer a channel for the scifi fans. Most of their programming consists of reality shows, wrestling, reruns, and weak one-off exclusives. It is time for a real science fiction network. This right here could be your answer. Please read.


Hi friends. All of you should know by now that we’ve been working over the last couple of years to create a new cable television network. This new network would be for SciFi fans and run by real SciFi fans.

We’ve been working very hard to come up with a plan that would be attractive and profitable to investors and still create a healthy, sustainable network that would be around for decades to come. We now have that plan. It’s going to cost us $60 million to get this network going. Believe it or not, that’s a very small amount to start a cable television network and it means we’ll have to sacrifice for the first few years. It means very little original programming for the first five years of the network’s life in order to keep startup costs low. There are investors out there who like the plan and would like to be a part of something this exciting. We’ve shown them a plan in which The Syzygy Network can reach profitability in four years.

However, that plan assumes that people will watch the network. The investors have told us that they don’t simply want our word that SciFi fans would love to have a new network. They want proof.

Here’s how you can be a part of this. We need numbers. Not little numbers…BIG numbers.

DO YOU WANT a new SciFi network???

Then tell people about it. Go to:


Like the page. Tell your friends to like it. Tell them to tell their friends.

Let’s make this page a phenomenon on Facebook. I’ve seen the power of the SciFi fan. I’ve seen it make Star Trek go another year. It worked again for Star Trek: Enterprise, then again for Jericho. Each of those shows got an extra year after the networks had decided to cancel them. That same power resulted in the browncoats getting Serenity, the theatrical movie out of the ashes of Firefly. I’ve seen full page ads in Variety to the producers of shows like Earth 2.

I’ve seen SciFi fans change the world, just as SciFi itself did before them. We are a powerful group of people. We have the power to do this. That power comes in numbers.

Help make the Syzygy Network page one of the biggest, fastest-growing pages on Facebook. With the numbers proving that there’s room for a new SciFi network the investors won’t have call to say no.

Make your voices heard. Let them know you want a new network that believes in you, that loves you and was created by real fans, not some group of corporate net heads (we know how good their decisions about SciFi shows are!). We understand we need to make a profit to survive, but it’s not our only motivation.

Syzygy is not all about the bottom line. It’s about you. Help us make it happen.

Dave Andrews
CEO and original founder,
The Syzygy Network Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Syzygy-Network/136797859680282

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