Battlestar Galactica Merchandise

It’s true that the beginning of the week really belong to True Blood but to be honest I have been kind of hooked on BSG again and had 2 marathons in the past few days. So instead of the promised screenshots (put the blame on the misplaced flash drive of mine :P) of TB here is a list of BSG merchandise!

Insignia Pins

Are you lucky enough that conventions happen near where you live? Do you like cosplaying anyway? Do you like hoarding geeky stuff? Well these babies are just for you then! Battlestar Galactica Insignia pins. I want them all 😮

BSG sticker

This is a fantastic sticker. I want one for my laptop. Oh wait, at that price and shipping I’ll just order it O_O 😀

Officers pin

I was planning on buying a messenger bag so I was looking up for pins and patches. This is a very nice one with an affordable price 😀 Wee!

Number Six Costume

Yeah. If I looked as hot as Tricia Helfer I’d also wear such dresses. Here’s to you skinny ones 😛 (I’m more of a Cally package :P)

Personalized Artisan Dog Tags

I’ve never been a fan of dogtags. That is the usual dogtags. Gimme polygon dogtags and I’m your puppy. Especially when they can be engraved with my name and a number of my choice. Yeah… Just put my phone number on lmao

“How To Spot A Cylon” Poster

Frak me, this should be an essential school poster 😛

Cylon Toaster

Well, apart from being an awesome pun, if Sheldon Cooper recommends it then it has to be good 😛

Cylon evolution poster

This is for all the Darwin geeks out there XD

Cylon Target Practice poster

Aww come on, you know you want one 😛

BSG propaganda posters

Look! Their corners are cut ^____^

and last but not least…

Daddy’s Little Cylon Onesie

God I hope the shipping is not very much on this one XD

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