Artemis Fowl & the Atlantis Complex review


After the time paradox/travel of the last book, the 7th book in the AF series throws a bunch of goodies at us including but not limited to Psychological disorders, giant squids and mortally dangerous blobs of gel! Woo!

Artemis is apparently up to something for the greater good. Yes. The evil genious decided to help the planet and solve the global warming problem in a way that not even fairies had thought of. The bad news is Artemis is not his old self, being engulfed in OCD/bipolar disorder. This produces a serious amount of giggleworthy text since his alter ego is a hopeless romantic that calls Holly Princess and Foaly a goodly beast.

It’s a bit weaker than the two previous books but was fully enjoyable whatsoever. Artemis Fowl NEVER gets boring! Those of you who just won’t read it because you think it’s for kids will miss out in one of the best book series in the scifi/fantasy genre

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