Supernatural 6×01 Exile on Main street review

I’ve been waiting all summer to see the Supernatural season 6 premiere. Supernatural was a sign that good TV could still be found but I had to keep my guard up after Kripke said he was stepping down after the 5 season arc ended. So far I wish the show ended last year. It was a perfectly good show finale and it finished the story as it should. No cliches and overdone stuff (well apart from the impending, yet avoided, apocalypse). It should end just like Prison Break finished at 4 seasons despite its huge success.

Season 6 premiere was a huge disappointing WTF. It started good but in the middle it started losing me. The ending was kinda rushed and the way Sam was thrown into Dean’s life again was very poorly written and the total role reversal of the brothers.. ugh don’t even let me start on that. Other than that, why the fuck is Grandpa Cambell back but no Mary or John? In my opinion the Winchesters should hunt on their own. Adding so many new people to the Hunter crew feels like a violation, which might be fixed in the following episodes since they surely seemed they were up to something. What with bagging the Djins and all.

On the plus side, the acting was fantastic, well at least they tried to support it <_< I will keep watching in hope things will get better. Maybe Kripke will step back in to save his babies from this awful, miserable fate. Please don’t let Supernatural become another Heroes 😐


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