Supernatural: 6×02 Two and a Half Men


See, this is what SPN should be like. This episodes was billion times better than the season premiere. It brought back everything I’ve loved, funny chemistry between the brothers, a good MotW, a recurring implied plot (see below) AND DEAN! AMAGAD Dean’s back and when Dean’s back so is the kickass music. *cue Smoke on the water*

The shifter was a cool badass. I really enjoyed him going all Eddie Van Blundht on the ladies although he was far meaner and nastier than dear old Eddie (the h is silent)

The baby was an absolute cutie. It was fun to see a baby monster and imnply that Dean is paternal by default :3

Remember when I told you I thought something being amiss with grandpa Campbell? His phonecall in this episode confirms my suspicions. I think they’re either fixing a supe zoo or have something way more sinister in mind 😐

Anyway, in conclusion the 2nd episode was classes above the season’s premiere (as I annoyingly pointed out to the hubby several times while watching) I still keep my guard up for more fiascoes but let’s hope that the show will keep its spirit intact.


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