Top 5 TV Villains In Modern Television

Movies have given us a great many splendid villains, some of whom became true cult figures and even popular Halloween costumes. There are also numerous top lists dedicated to those awesome badasses. But what about TV shows? After all, there are some ultimate bad guys brought to us by television, so skilled at evil that they will make Freddie Kruger pale.  So here they are – my very own top 5 villains, loved by many in spite of their dark side. Of course, I’m sure there are quite a few more deserving bad guys that I’ve missed out. So please, comment and let us meet your very own favorite TV villains.

5. The Cigarette Smoking Man (“The X-Files”): With his cancerous cough, deeply lined face, calm, observing gaze and a cigarette always hanging from his lips, The Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) is an epitome of a subtle villain – he doesn’t need an evil laugh, stab or shoot someone to death to give you the chills. He just needs to be there – somewhere in the darkest corner of the room, peering from a grey cloud of smoke and finally telling you something you don’t want to hear. You don’t need to know where he came from or who he works for – you just know he’s got the power. He haunted agents Mulder and Scully throughout the whole series and remains one of the memorable characters of the show, while actually appearing in 37 episodes only.

4. Eric Northman (“True Blood”): Known mainly to “True Blood” fans like myself, Eric Northman is, nonetheless, one of the most interesting TV villains today. Played by Swede Alexander Skarsgard – a worthy son of his worthy father, actor Stellan Skarsgard – vampire Eric represents an incredible balance of good and evil in a show jam-packed with supernatural creatures and humans with homicidal tendencies. Just look into his piercing cold blue eyes and you he’s a wicked one. And yet, Eric is the only original character of the series whose actions still often remain unpredictable and motives are vague. From a coldblooded murderer he easily turns into a noble, self-sacrificing hero, and then back. In fact, Eric Norhtman was the only element one worth watching in the “True Blood’s” latest horribly written season 3.

3. Mr. Burns (“The Simpsons”): Charles Montgomery Burns is no less than the incarnation of absolute evil in “The Simpsons” – rich, egoistic, deprived of any positive human emotion, with tender feelings only for his money. Technically Burns is nothing but your good old Scrooge, only a much more realistic one, since he’s never going to change. He is also incredibly old (from 80 to 104 years according to different sources), but has no plans to die. In general, he’s a type who would take candy from children, strangle puppies with his bare hands and drop atomic bombs just to see what happens. Oh, and he owns a Nuclear Plant.

2. Eric Cartman (“South Park”): Perhaps Eric Cartman isn’t really the most evil villain in modern animated TV – but he sure is the only one who is only eight years old. In “Cartoon Wars” episode, he argues with Bart Simpson, about which one of them is a real badass. When Cartman recollects killing the parents of a boy who really pissed him off, and feeding them to him in a chilly, Bart quickly admits defeat. Also Cartman tried to exterminate the Jews inspired by Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ”, promoted abortions to collect stem cells, kidnapped Butters and held him in a bomb shelter so he could get his invitation to a birthday party, and deliberately infected his friend Kyle with AIDS. In general, Cartman is selfish, vain, spoilt, manipulative, intolerant and racist individual, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

1.Dexter Morgan (“Dexter”): And the first place goes toDexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) – the one and only psychotic maniac to win the affection of so many viewers as the star of one of the leading shows on TV today, currently running its fifth season. The secret of Dexter’s popularity – apart from him simply being a charming fella – lies in his avenger’s qualities. He kills only those who deserve it – serial murderers who escaped legal justice and has a strict policy against taking innocent lives. When not murdering, chopping up and throwing his victims overboard his yacht, Dexter goes to work at a Miami police department, where he’s employed as a blood splatter expert, hangs out with his foul-mouthed sister, goes bowling with colleagues and dates a gentle single mother of two kids. His lack of human emotions sometimes gets in the way of performing some of those daily chores correctly, but Dex is a fast learner. The progress of the series showed, however, that getting too involved into personal life is bad for Dexter – he starts to flip, and the monstrosity inside threatens to come out.



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