Scream Awards 2010: Winners


The Ultimate Scream, Best Sci-fi movie, Best sci-fi Actor (Leonardo Di Caprio), Best Supporting Actor (Joseph Grodon-Levitt), Best Male Breakout Performance (Tom Hardy), Fight Scene of the year (Anti gravity Hotel fight),


Best Horror Movie, Best Cameo (Bill Murray), Best Ensemble

True Blood

Best TV Show, Best Horror Actress (Anna Paquin), Best Horror Actor (Alex Skårsgard), Holy sh*t scene of the year (Lorena/Bill sex scene)


Best Director (James Cameron), 3D Top 3, Best FX

Shutter Island

Best Scream-play (Laeta Kalogridis)

Iron Man 2

Best scifi actress (Scarlet Johansson), Best Villain (Mickey Rourke), Best Super Hero (Robert Downey Jr)

Alice in Wonderland

Best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway)


Best Female Breakout Performance (Chloë Grace Moretz), Best Comic Book Movie


Best Tv performance (Matthew Fox)



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