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Simpsonised Dr. Who!

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Simpsonised Dr. Who!

This blog rocks. Check it out!

Doctor Who 5×10 Vincent and the Doctor Screencaps and review

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I will skip doing a recap of the episode because a) you can already find that online and b) my brain is fried as I started learning Swedish yesterday 😛

The episode was as much of a geekgasm as I expected. I’m a sucker for history of art and Van Gogh is one of my favourite painters, what with his amazing sense of colour and his tragic story. ❤ I loved the way they made the scenery, like in “The Girl with the pearl earring” it was like walking into the painting. I loved all the little references and was glad we avoided ear jokes about Van Gogh <_< It had several chronological inaccuracies some of them being:

  • Van Gogh died in the end of July 1890 so the episode should be set about two months before his death instead of a year.
  • His ear was already cut off in 1890 as the self portrait with the bandaged ear dates 1889.
  • Both the “Sunflowers” and the “Bedroom in Arles” were painted in 1888, two years before when the episode is set but in the episode he still hasn’t painted the sunflowers and the bedroom painting is mentioned as “still wet”.

It is pointless to mention that I’d KILL for a trip like that and to be in Amy’s place. Discussing art with Vincent Van Gogh OMG *faints*
And how cute was it when the Doctor and Amy took him to the museum with his work? If only there was a doctor that had taken him to see where the world would hold Vincent Van Gogh up to…

Anyway, this has to be one of my favourite Dr. Who episodes ever. I just love it when they have famous people in the eps ^^

Here be screencaps

RIP Frank Frazetta :(

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Artist Frank Frazetta, 82, died May 10, 2009 of a stroke in a hospital near Boca Grande FL. Frazetta is best known for his iconic illustrations for the works of Robert E. Howard — especially Conan the Barbarian — and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and was a towering figure in the SF/fantasy art field.

Born February 9, 1928 in Brooklyn, Frazetta studied at the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts from ages eight to 16, and began working as a professional pulp and comic illustrator as a teenager. His early work included funny animal comics,Flash Gordon, Johnny Comet, Thun’da, Buck Rogers, EC horror comics, and even a long stint ghost-drawing the Li’l Abner comic strip.

In the ’60s he began painting book covers, and soon became hugely popular among fans. He was nominated for his first Hugo Award in 1963, winning a Hugo in 1966. Other honors include a World Fantasy Award in 1976 and a World Fantasy life achievement award in 2001; Chesley Awards in 1988, 1995, and 1997; a Spectrum Grandmaster Award in 1995; and a Hubbard lifetime achievement award in 1997.

In 2008, one of his Burroughs illustrations sold for over a quarter of a million dollars at auction, and in 2009, his “Conan the Conqueror” painting sold to a private collector for $1 million. In addition to cover art, he did work for magazines, animated movies, calendars, and album covers, along with numerous fine art exhibitions.

Frazetta suffered a series of strokes in the 2000s, hampering his ability to paint. He was predeceased by his wife Ellie (married 1956, died 2009), and is survived by four children and several grandchildren.

True Blood Awesome Fanart

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I never EVER get bored by fanart. Nom sexay vampire fanart ❤

Tooned up Buffy by Electric Tiki

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I first came across those fantastic figures last year. Not only it is amazing fanart but they turned out to be pretty nifty action figures as well 🙂

Check them out at: electric tiki

Fantastic Supernatural merchandise! Grab your amulets now!

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Please note that these items are one of a kind and might not be available at the time you click on the links

Mary Winchester's Protection Charm Bracelet seen in episode 403 "In The Beginning"

Supernatural Glass Tile Art Pendant

Supernatural Protection Tattoo Necklace

My Little Pony Custom Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester

The Colt earrings

And I have saved my favourite of the lot for last!

Supernatural salt and prayer necklace Non Timebo Mala

Fantastic one of a kind vampire-show merchandise!

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These items are all handmade so they might not be available anymore by the time you click the image-links

True Blood

True Blood Bottle Charm Bracelet and Earring Set

TrueBlood Chained And Beaded Necklace – Unique

True Blood Eric Coffin And Blood Drip Necklace

True Blood Glass tile pendant

Sookie custom figure – Limited time Sale

Vampire in your cleavage necklace

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Scythe earrings

What would Buffy Do charmed necklace

Buffy ring

Mr. Pointy stuffed stake

The Vampire Diaries

Elena’s vervaine necklace

Mini Vampire Diaries Stefan, Elena and Damon

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