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‘FlashForward’ is ‘most missed’ axed show

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The recently cancelled ABC series FlashForward has been voted the axed show that viewers will miss the most.

The poll on Zap2It saw the time-jump drama come out well ahead of the competition with a 46.3% win.

Second place went to supernatural series Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Recently cancelled by CBS, the show won 17.1% of the vote.

Other programmes listed in the poll included NBC’s long-running Law & Order with 9.7%, ABC sitcom Better Off Ted with 6% and the CBS crime drama Cold Case with 4.9%.

Departed ABC comedy Scrubs only managed to scrape 1.8% of the vote.

FlashForward storylines changed

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Gabrielle Union has revealed that her storyline on FlashForward changed.

Union, who played Zoey, explained that her character’s fiancé Demetri (John Cho) was originally going to die as suggested by his flashforward.

“Then I was supposed to avenge his death in season two by representing defendants against the FBI whom I blamed for his death,” Union explained.

However, the writers allegedly decided to change the plot because of Cho’s popularity and falling ratings.

“Certain storylines got shortchanged,” Union said, adding that the show struggled because it is hard “to sell quantum physics when you have the Olympics going on”.

However, Union also revealed that she is excited about her role as police officer Gina on the upcoming Army Wives spinoff.

She said: “All the butts I wanted to kick on FlashForward and all of the bad guys I wanted to bring to justice, I’ll now get to do as this new character, but with a sense of humour.”

FlashForward fans for ‘blackout’ protest

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Fans of FlashForward plan to stage a blackout to protest the show’s recent cancelation.

Members of a FlashForward fan group will gather in front of ABC offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta on June 10. They are to mimic falling unconscious for two minutes and 17 seconds, just as in the programme’s pilot episode. Overseas supporters will join in the protest in London.

The group, which started the website PreventTheBlackout, has also shipped 20,000 “friendship bracelets”, an item seen on the show, to the president of ABC

Flashforward series finale trailer

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Tune in toorrow (or if you don’t live in the US like me, tune in the day AFTER tomorrow 🙂 ) for the series finale

Flashforward finale ‘blew cast away’

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FlashForward star Jack Davenport has claimed that the final two episodes of the show are “fantastic”.

The series was cancelled by ABC earlier this month but Davenport, who plays Lloyd Simcoe, promised that it will end on a high note.

“The last [two] episodes are pretty fantastic,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We were all blown away when we read them.”

However, Davenport admitted that the show will not be able to conclude everything in the finale.

He said: “Do I think the story could have gone further? Sure. No-one intends to do [just] one season – especially not with a grand concepty show like this. I don’t think it will be unsatisfying, but it will not answer all the questions. The [producers] had to be mindful that they may only get one season, so there are some satisfying wrap-ups.”

Flashforward finale

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Sonya Walger has admitted that the upcoming finale of FlashForward will leave several questions unanswered. The show was recently cancelled by ABC, meaning that it will not return for a second season. Walger, who plays Olivia, admitted that the series’ abrupt end means that some things about it will remain mysterious.

“There’s some closure to it,” she told E! Online. “But there’s an awful lot left unexplained.” However, Walger promised that fans will enjoy the last episode, saying: “It was so satisfying to read the finale because there are still glitches in the system. There are anomalies – it’s like a beautiful map puzzle that just rounds itself out. “There’s another flash-forward brewing, but it remains to be seen if it happens or not. The finale is just brilliantly written. It’s so satisfying to watch how everybody ends up – or doesn’t – in the positions that they saw themselves in the pilot. Watching these chess pieces move into position so that everyone is where they saw themselves being is ingenious. And by the end of the penultimate episode, they’ve pushed everyone as far away from their final positions as they could possibly be. It’s a brilliant device.”

Flashforward episodes survival guide.

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If you like me, can’t afford cable and you don’t live in a country where great shows air on free TV then you might need this post. If you ever tried to find your way through the Flashforward episodes after the double 11-12 Revelation Zero part 1&2 then you probably had loads of trouble. See, someone (probably the site that offered the episode first) marked episode 13 Blowback as s01e12 Blowback, which is fine if you don’t need subtitles to watch it but the majority of people who don’t have access to the shows on regular TV DO need subtitles.

So it’s a nice night at 2 am in the morning and me and my hubby popped on the next episode after 11-12. Naturally we went to 13 called Better Angels, right?

WRONG! We didn’t understand what was going on and just assumed that the sub guys had fraked up and managed to find some badly written english subs to go with it but then the episode froze and we decided to call it a night.

The next day I was snooping around on IMDB for some info for the blog and realised that the net episode in line was in fact  Blowback and not Better Angels.


That also explains why I was unable to find episode 14 and had to turn into a Google slut to manage and uncover it in some obscure rapidshare database :S

The proper order is:

Season 1, Episode 11: Revelation Zero: Part 1

Original Air Date—18 March 2010
Mark is suspended from the FBI, & Demetri must partner with Agent Vogel. Mark continues his investigation into Lloyd’s kidnapping while seeing a psychiatrist. Janis investigates Simon, who is trying to steal files from Lloyd’s computer.

Season 1, Episode 12: Revelation Zero: Part 2

Original Air Date—18 March 2010
Mark is suspended from the FBI, & Demetri must partner with Agent Vogel. Mark continues his investigation into Lloyd’s kidnapping while seeing a psychiatrist. Janis investigates Simon, who is trying to steal files from Lloyd’s computer.

Season 1, Episode 13: Blowback

Original Air Date—25 March 2010
Mark continues to grill Lloyd about their phone conversation in each other’s flashforward. Zoey is determined to alter Demetri’s fate. Aaron investigates the link between Jericho and his daughter.

Season 1, Episode 14: Better Angels

Original Air Date—1 April 2010
Olivia tries to get Charlie to reveal her flashforward. Bryce talks to Nicole about his cancer. Demetri, Janis, Simon, and Vogel go to Somalia to investigate the tower Simon created and discover a person who was a part of the ’91 blackout.


I hope I saved you guys some trouble with this post. It was really frustrating trying to put the episodes in order 😐

Ohh and something before I finish. I do buy the shows on DVD as soon as they are releashed in my country. Piracy is wrong and I don’t support it. If something’s licensed in your country DON’t download it.

Flashforward cancelled along with more shows :|

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Michael Ausiello is reporting that ABC’s FlashForward, Romantically Challenged, Better Off Ted and Scrubs have all been canceled.


Oh well, I’ll go buy the book…

Flashforward: Bleak Future :|

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lashForward is reportedly close to cancellation. Last month, reports suggested that the show would be saved because it is successful overseas and has relatively low production costs. However, the programme’s ratings in the US recently slipped to a series low and ABC is now said to be thinking of axing it. According to E! Online, the series’ chances of renewal are now “less than 50-50” :(((( The show’s future will be announced next week during the Upfronts.

Tonight: Flashforward, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural!

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Don’t forget to tune in to watch Flashforward, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural tonight! Click on the links to see the previews! Remember that the Supernatural episode is going to be the 100th of the show and it’s mainly Dean centric.

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