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Chuck and V both renewed!

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NBC has renewed spy comedy Chuck for a fourth season. According to Entertainment Weekly, the network has ordered 13 episodes, despite the show’s future once being in doubt. It has been suggested that the series has thus far figured into all of the network’s preliminary plans for its May 17 upfront presentation.

V has also reportedly been renewed for a second season. Entertainment Weekly says that ABC decided to order new episodes of the show after ratings improved.

V: Laura Vandervoot and Elizabeth Mitchell talk season finale

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aura Vandervoort has revealed that her V character Lisa is struggling with new emotions.

In a recent episode of the show, Lisa failed an empathy test proving that she has romantic feelings for Tyler.

“The first half of the season was the question of whether she was evil or not,” Vandervoort told TV Guide. “Now we see she feels for Tyler and we think she has emotions, but then the next scene she’s completely evil again. She’s juggling a lot of new feelings but it’s apparent that she’s really in love.”

Vandervoort hinted that Lisa might break away from her mother Anna in future episodes, saying: “There’s always a chance a mother might lose control of her child.”

She also promised that the upcoming season finale will involve a “huge cliffhanger”.

“It’s earth-shattering and detrimental to the human race and really shakes up everyone’s state of being,” she added. “A lot of the characters that haven’t interacted before will for the first time and Erica does get to visit the ship.”

In other V news

Elizabeth Mitchell has promised that the season finale of V is ‘jaw-dropping’.
In an interview with Fancast, the actress confirmed that her character Erica will have dinner with Anna .

“You’ve got Anna, who is this fantastic politician [and] religious leader, and then you have Erica, who’s in the process of becoming exactly that,” she said.

“So you have two people who are pretty good at the games they’re playing coming face to face. They’re looking for any little chink in the armour, any sign of vulnerability on the other’s part. I thought it was fun to play. I enjoyed working with Morena immensely.”

She added: “We rehearsed it for quite some time, so we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to accomplish. It was very interesting to do, and fun in a lot of ways.”

Mitchell also promised that the audience will be shocked by the season finale.

“There were two things that made my jaw drop,” she said. “Maybe there will be more for other people. But yeah, we will have two jaw-droppers. Actually, no, wait – three. There was one other thing I could not believe they did.”

V: 1×08 We Can’t Win Trailer and synopsis

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Anna and Chad head to Switzerland for the U.N. energy summit; Erica discovers that the Fifth Column is being investigated; unable to trust Ryan, Valerie goes on the run.

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