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The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle Review [spoilers]

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The second book picks up where The Awakening‘s huge cliffhanger left off, and further develops Damon’s obsessive attempts to win Elena’s affections and Stefan’s struggle to survive. With Stefan missing, Elena seeks Damon and confronts him in the graveyard. Damon claims he killed Stefan the previous night. Bonnie tries to psychic Stefan’s location and manages to channel him. It takes them a good while to realise what the place might be, when it shouldn’t <.< and they set off to rescue him. They find Stefan in a well, near death. Matt, Bonnie and Meredith insist on getting a Doctor but neither Elena or Stefan agree, claiming he’s afraid of doctors. Bonnie’s sister who’s a nurse is suggested by Elena who manages that way to send her friends away so she can rejuvenate Stefan with her blood. (Oh yeah, that’s a major difference with the TV show. Stefan DOES human blood. It is also implied that sharing blood is part of the vampire intimacy.)

Anyway, there’s the Founder’s Day set in this book and all the mishap and chaos that ensue (very different from the show) and the book ends with another huge cliffhanger: (highlight for spoiler) Elena drowns.
Overall, the series is not the “True Blood” kind of story, instead it has early teen target audience. However, it’s still a good read for fun. Don’t expect it to change your life 😉

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening Review [spoilers]

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Something awful is going to happen today.

That’s how the first book of the Vampire Diaries series begins. Elena, the protagonist of this story, has just returned home from her European vacation at the start of a new school year. There’s an impending doom in the book from its very first page but Elena shakes off any dark feelings as she returns to school and resumes her rightful place as the “school Ice queen”.  Ok, first of all book!Elena is a Barbie doll. She’s perfect has everything and every boy she wants with some added tragedy in her life so as not to make her a Mary sue. To be honest being a geeky girl since primary school I couldn’t empathise with her at all.

Anyway, the school has a new student, the mysterious Italian, Stefan who is gorgeous and very well dressed.  And…. he wasn’t impressed by Elena’s presence at all. And that is a first for her so out of spite she just MUST have him at any cost. Elena plots and plans with her friends ways to obtain the dark young man.  In the meantime a number of mysterious attacks occur in Fell’s Church increasing the sense of menace in the story and Stefan avoids Elena like the plague.

In the homecoming dance Stefan invites Elena’s ex-best friend/nemesis Caroline and Elena to spite him starts fooling around and drinking with the school tard/football player Tyler Smallwood and his group of friends, Vicky Bennet and a guy called Dick (who, well, is less a dick than Tyler). Anyway, they run off to the old graveyard for shits and giggles and after some stupid jokes and all Vicky and Dick run off to make out and Tyler ends up trying to rape Elena until Stefan Salvatore saves her and beats Tyler to a pulp. They finally hook up afterwards after Stefan explains why he had been avoiding her: she reminds him of someone he loved and has died. Eventually they do end up together.

The plot builds up from that point, ending the book in a huge cliffhanger that would have led me rip it to pieces and throw it on the wall if I didn’t have the second book at hand. If you give this a shot then make sure that you own all four books before starting the first.

At this point there will be the inevitable comparison to Twitlight (no I refuse to spell it without the extra t). Which is totally off since Twitlight copied TVD, Buffy and other Vampire Romance books.  Girl meets vampire boy and instantly gets the hots for him but he is distant with her,blah blah blah.  The similarities are there but Elena is way more believable a character than Bella will ever be (seriously a very clumsy and unpopular girl who has all the school visit her after an accident? Dude, get real) In fact Elena’s character would probably be a plain Mary sue too hadn’t it been for her vanity and self-centered character. However, despite her petty ways she grows on the reader as the book advances.
There are very little similarities to the hit TV show (and to be honest I liked the show storyline better) but if you like the show do give this a shot. It helps the summer go until season 2 😉

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones review

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First things first: This is my absolute favourite book by Stephen King. I have read it so many times since 1998 when I bought it that I wonder why am I reading it over and over again. I know it by heart. I have even been using lines from the book in my everyday life without realising it. I am able to visualise it vividly when I read it. In short: I LOVE THIS BOOK

Now that this is out of the way I should probably let you know what the book is all about.

So much for happy beginnings
The main character’s pregnant wife dies in the very first page. YES. WTF. The main character, Mike Noonan, is a writer but after the unfortunate and unexpected death of Jo (his wife) he starts suffering from writer’s block and not just your average Joe writer’s block! He gets panic attacks at the moment he turns on his word processor. Mike, however, doesn’t let anyone know that he is suffering and keeps publishing old works he had saved when ideas flooded his brains but after four years the manuscripts end and publishers start pushing for a new novel. Mike realises that he must gather his pieces and start his life again but keeps getting panic attack after panic attack.

During the four years since the loss of Jo, Mike had a series of nightmares involving their summer cottage “Sarah Laughs” (named after a blues since Sarah Tidwell who spent some time in TR in the beginning of the century) on Darkshore Lake on the edge of a yankee town called TR-90. Mike returns to the TR to discover that Jo, in the few years before her death, had been researching Sara Tidwell’s story, and apparently searching through the dirty secrets of the locals in the process. TR’s “loveable” yanks seem less than happy to talk about when and how Sarah and her extended family came to leave the TR.

The Here and Now
On his way to the local fast food, Mike becomes involved in a custody dispute between a poor, young widowed mother and her daughter’s grandfather (on her father’s side) an ancient, millionaire who has the TR wrapped around his boney finger. Mike, having lost both his wife and his unborn child finds himself loving dearly the little girl and her beautiful young mother. On top of that “Sara Laughs” seems to be haunted by several chatty ghosts, including as it seems this of his wife. Certain Supernatural events include but are not limited to messages on the refrigerator in magnetic letters, the tinkling bell around a mounted moose head’s neck, and ghost banging on walls while trying to communicate. In the meanwhile, Mike miraculously starts writing again.

Happy Endings

I’m not going to spoil anymore for you folks, go pick up the book and read it. Especially since it will be a miniseries in 2011. WOO FRAKING HOO! You wouldn’t want to miss on the plot twists of the book by only watching the series ;D

Other Stephen King characters that you may know and are mentioned or met in BoB.
(I love when writers do that ^^)
-Ralph Roberts, the main character from Insomnia
-Ray Garraty, the main character from The Long Walk
-Mike Noonan reads books by Bill Denbrough from It.
-Sara Laughs is located on Dark Score Lake, from Gerald’s Game.
-Mike Noonan lives in Derry, the setting for It, Dreamcatcher and Insomnia.
-Thad Beaumont, from The Dark Half, is mentioned as having killed himself.
-Norris Ridgewick, sheriff of Castle Rock, shows up at Mike’s door. Mike asks about former sheriff Alan Pangborn, and Norris mentions Polly Chalmers. All three were central characters in Needful Things.
-Jared Devore, Max’s ancestor, mentions Shawshank Prison.
-The importance of 19, a number of talismanic power in The Dark Tower series, is introduced here.
-A woman Mike meets in the gym is said to be reading a book by Ellen Gilchrist; this is the maiden name of Ellen Rimbauer (Rose Red)

Supernatural: Heart Of The Dragon – Spotlight & Review

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Click here to read a review of Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Supernatural tie-in novel, “Heart of the Dragon.”

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