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Vampire Diaries: The Reunion review

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If you read the previous book, you know Elena dies in the end. This book starts with Bonnie who has dreams of Elena in the Other World. But the dreams turn into nightmares as a source of evil power has come to Fells Church, threatening all of its inhabitants in danger. Following instructions passed from dream Elena, Meredith, Matt, and Bonnie use a summoning spell to call Stefan back. Only Damon tags along. When schoolmates of the girls start getting killed, Stefan realises they have to deal with an ancient evil and is not sure whether they will make it.

This book, like its predecessor was very well written. L.J. Smith wasn’t much of a writer and the first two books came across a bit forced but she developed characters extremely well in this book. Bonnie, Meredith and Stefan all blossomed and got character of their own. Damon is a readcandy as always and although the ending seemed a bit rushed, it leaves you with a smile. I can’t wait to get my hands on the spinoff now 🙂


Vampire Diaries: The Fury review

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This book begins where the previous one left off once again. (Spoilers ahead)

Elena is now a vampire, after having drowned when the old bridge collapsed. She wakes up disoriented and with mild amnesia just in time to see Damon and Stefan engaged in a fight to the death. Initially she does not recognize either but soon she understands the one she loves is hurt and needs her help. And there I am expecting her to go all vampire superstrength on Damon but she instead turns to Stefan!!!!! She attacks him and apparently intends to kill him for hurting Damon, who of course is her maker and the maker-made vampire bond is always strong in all vampire lore. Stefan doesn’t fight back and allows her to bite him. Damon eventually commands her to stop and takes her in search of human blood but Stefan intervenes and insists that she shouldn’t take blood from an unwilling victim. Stefan finds Matt and explains to him what has happened to Elena and convinces him to let her feed from him so she can complete the transition or she’ll die. As in dead, die.

Afterwards Damon hides her in Alaric Saltzman’s attic and she sleeps for four days. When she wakes up she starts reading her old diary, which Damon gave back to her and memories spring up. She feels really bad about attacking Stefan and leaves Alaric’s house, overhearing a conversation on her way which indicates the new history teacher is more than he appears. While wandering aimlessly, she stumbles upon her own memorial service. The great distress she feels watching this draws both the Salvatores to her. Stefan is relieved when Elena remembers their love and Damon is enraged, but they are distracted by the strange behaviour of a large pack of the towns pet dogs who turned on their owners.

More strange happenings lead the three vampires to the conclusion that the same Power that killed Elena is out to harm the town and is targeting specifically Elena’s loved ones…

I wasn’t thrilled with the first two books but Elena is much more likeable now and has much more character than before. Stefan and Damon’s characters are also greatly developed and we learn some more background stuff for Meredith and Bonnie. I really enjoyed this book. It seems as if LJ SMith has learned how to improve her writing over time and this adventure sucks you in!

Sink your fangs in it!

August Doctor Who Books Covers

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Doctor Who: Kings Dragon (Hardcover)
‘They called it the Enamour. It turned minds, sold merchandise, and
swayed elections. And it did its job far too wellɉ۪
Order from Forbidden Planet.

Doctor Who: Glamour Chase (Hardcover)
‘Why are you here? I mean – who are you, exactly?’
Order from Forbidden Planet.
Both books are due for release on the 1st of August.

LOTR: Bag End Dollhouse

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Skills. This woman has them

G.G. Kay: Under Heaven worldwide launch!

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This is a book post:

If you don’t know Guy Gavriel Kay, you’d better dig in on his books. The Canadian is a fantastic author and my favourite fantasy writer.

His new book is released today:

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