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Torchwood’ comic to debut at Comic-Con

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Torchwood The Official Comic #1
Titan has announced that its new Torchwood comic will debut at Comic-Con International.

Issue #1 includes ‘Captain Jack and the Selkie’, a story written by the show’s star John Barrowman with art by Tommy Lee Edwards.

The comic will be available at the event in San Diego in late July, where Edwards – who is currently working on Jonathan Ross’s Turf comic – will be signing the exclusive copies.

Torchwood #1 will be available in shops from August 10.


Torchwood Comic!

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Forbidden Planet
The hit BBC TV series hits the world of comics! This special debut issue features a story written by Captain Jack himself! Actor John Barrowman (along with his sister, Carole) brings you the story of ‘The Selkie’, as mysterious deaths strike a remote Scottish island.

Art is provided by acclaimed artist Tommy Lee Edwards, currently working with UK star Jonathan Ross on the Image comic series, Turf . In the second half of the comic, we bring you part one of a special five-part story, as Jack, Gwen and Ianto becomes trapped in a cosmic hotel!

Plus, an old villain from the TV series returns… “Broken” is by Torchwood TV script editor Gary Russell and artist Adrian Salmon.

This comic is supplied in a 50/50 mix of the art cover and photo cover. Sorry – we cannot take specific orders for either type.

Due for releaseĀ  on the 9th August from Forbidden Planet.

Doctor Who comic says goodbye to the Tenth :|

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IDW Publishing’s Dr Who title will bid farewell to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, reports MTV News. The character has continued to star in the series following his death in the New Year’s Day television special.

‘Final Sacrifice’ will be the final outing for Tennant’s Doctor – a four-issue arc that will not tie directly into ‘The End of Time’.

“We were told from the very beginning that ‘The Waters Of Mars’ would lead straight into the regeneration ending,” said series writer Tony Lee. “So we set up the whole season arc to end directly before ‘The Waters Of Mars’, which worked really well as the mindset The Doctor is in during the start of that episode matches the mindset he has at the end of the series of comics. We decided that we needed to have a solid end, something that would weaken The Doctor, that would push him towards the final song. And then, of course, we saw that between ‘The Waters Of Mars’ and ‘The End Of Time’, The Doctor went off and had a load of adventures, which meant that this wasn’t right before the regeneration. But, we had tied it so nicely into ‘Waters Of Mars’, we decided to keep it that way.

“So although it’s the final Tenth Doctor comic, it’s not going to be a ‘regeneration prequel’. But we do perform some amazing timey-wimey endings and pretty much do a similar farewell end scene.”

A series starring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor is planned for 2011. ‘Final Sacrifice’ will begin in July with Doctor Who #13.

Doctor Who: Only Good Dalek Graphic Novel (Hardcover)

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Doctor Who: Only Good Dalek (Hardcover)  (Product Image)
On Forbidden Planet on 19 September 2010.
An epic adventure featuring the Daleks – and the first Doctor Who graphic novel from BBC Books!Preorder
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