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Doctor Who wins sci-fi heroes poll

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Doctor Who has come top in a poll listing the greatest heroes in science-fiction film and television. The Doctor was awarded the title of ‘Favourite Hero’ in the list compiled by SFX, beating Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds into second place. Other high-ranking characters included Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Star Wars smuggler Han Solo and Ianto Jones from Who spinoff Torchwood.

Meanwhile, Who villain the Master also won top billing in a list of science-fiction’s greatest villains. Actors to have played the sinister Time Lord include Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts and most recently John Simm. The rest of the top five consisted of Star Wars tyrant Darth Vader, Batman nemesis the Joker, Scorpius from Farscape and fellow Who foe Davros.

It was previously announced that Doctor Who villains the Daleks had come top in a poll listing the greatest sci-fi monsters.


Simpsonised Dr. Who!

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Simpsonised Dr. Who!

This blog rocks. Check it out!

YouTube – Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)

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HAhahahaha I’m still ROFLing

Doctor Who 5×11 review

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I think the new Doctor is underrated. Most people think he’s weird and well, uh, not Tennant. Well of course he’s not Tennant. Duh. I prefer Tennant too but I really really like Matt Smith’s doctor as well. He’s very goofy, talks A LOT and is adorable.

Anyway that out of the way, YES I also found it odd that the Doctor seemed to know very little about humans, but don’t forget our season arc involves a bitchy crack from hell that swipes your entire existence. Yup. It changes time… Maybe it has something to do with that. Overall I really liked the episode. Craig and Sophie reminded me a little too much of me and my Mr. Man and they were cute.
I also laughed a lot when the Doctor tried on his football jersey and it had 11 on it XD. Aaaaaand how cool was how the episode ended. The look of horror on AMy’s face when she saw the ring. I think our girl begins to remember 😮

I am very excited for the next episode! I love River and all those names mentioned together: Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen etc. Whooooooa. Can’t wait!

Screencaps shall ensue

Doctor Who finale titles revealed

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The BBC has revealed the episode titles for the series finale of Doctor Who.

The two-part story is penned by Steven Moffat and will air June 19 and June 26 on BBC One. The first episode is called ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and the second ‘The Big Bang’.

Alex Kingston will reprise her role as River Song for the finale, which is also thought to include appearances from The Daleks, The Cybermen and The Sontarans.

“No past characters” in new ‘Doctor Who’

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Steven Moffat has confirmed that none of the major characters from the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who will appear in his first series.

The new showrunner previously revealed that the Weeping Angels, Daleks and Silurians will feature in Matt Smith’s first year as The Doctor, but moved to rule out a return of the human characters introduced by his predecessor.

Moffat told The Guardian: “The more you back-reference, the more it feels like a sequel and the sequel is ever as good as the original.

“Old favourites can return, provided you can do something new and exciting with them.”

He added: “There are no past characters coming back in this series, but I imagine that kids would love to see Captain Jack meet the new Doctor.”

Of his shift from writer to executive producer, Moffat claimed: “You don’t think of it in terms of a challenge. You think ‘Ooh, wouldn’t it be great to do that?!’ and I’m now in the fortunate position of being able to think that and make it happen.”

TARDIS Cookie Jar and Dalec Sonic Toothbrush:D

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What could be more fun than a cookie jar shaped like Doctor Who’s Tardis? A Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar, well it doesn’t actually talk but it does feature some fun Doctor Who sound effects.

This fun Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar measures 11 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches, although it may be bigger on the inside like the real Tardis.

‘The Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar will solve for x in a way that hearkens back to your single days. For starters, we’re pretty sure it’s bigger on the inside. But most importantly, it makes authentic TARDIS noises (which, we suppose is why they say it’s “talking” even though it doesn’t say any words). So when the cookie jar disappears from the kitchen counter and gets hidden somewhere else, you can feign ignorance and say, “It’s a TARDIS, it’s probably taking a quick trip to Pompeii.” When it reappears the next morning, you can point and shout with glee to welcome it back, knowing full well how many cookies it contains. ‘

If you want one, the Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar is available for $26.99 from Think Geek but the shipping is (as always) too expensive for my country 😦

Keep your teeth fresh ‘n clean with this great sonic toothbrush straight from Doctor Who! Available from Forbidden Planet from the 15th of August. Can you say /want?

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