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This is Halloween, this is halloween pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

Well, my country doesn’t celebrate Halloween so this is just another boring Sunday around here which has fraked up my bio-clock due to daylight saving time change -.- Anyway, this is a good opportunity to admire the hardwork that went into these Jack-o-lanterns. Enjoy!

PS- If any of you has carved a nice sci-fi pumpkin leave a comment and I’ll feature you too!

And the award of the geekiest pumpkins out there goes to these two guys:

Cakes that makes you wish you had that cool a cake on your birthday!

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1. The Impala from Supernatural

Sam& Dean's badass car. I don't want to eat it, I want to drive it.

2. Lord of the Rings 

One cake to rule them all.
I really love the Boromir Ryan text

3.Battlestar Galactica

Fraking Awesome

4. Hobbit Hole

In a hole in a cake there lived a Hobbit. Then ate the cake for second breakfast

5. Hogwarts

If this person isn't patient then I don't know who is. Accio cake!


I don't know if this will take you through time and space but it would surely score you awesomeness points if you presented it at your party! Unless you invited the school bullies. Which I can't see why you would.

7. Dalek Cake Goodness


8. Stargate

THIS is the cake I want. Want want want want. OMGWTFBBQ

9. Buffy

This is a fantastic cake to bring to a Twitard party. LMAO. Seriously now this cake is fantastic. I love the crisp details and colours!

10. True Blood

This is an awesome cake to make for the next True Blood Season Premiere party. I suggest you choose Red Velvet cake filling!

Date set for ‘Doctor Who’ series 5 album

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The soundtrack to Doctor Who series five will be released on November 8. The 2-CD set includes 63 tracks from Matt Smith’s full series outing as The Doctor, including a mammoth 22 tracks from the two-part series finale. The release date matches that for the complete series five DVD boxset.

DW: Moffat’s son mocks ‘cheesy’ ep title

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Steven Moffat has revealed that his son is not keen on the working title for the first episode of next year’s Doctor Who. The executive producer and writer claimed that his child was unimpressed with the name of his second series opener.

From Moffat’s Twitter: “Told my son the title of ep 1 of the next run of Dr Who. A pause. ‘I think we can do better, Daddy.’ Then: ‘We need clever. Not cheesy.'”

Lead actor Matt Smith recently brushed off reports that Karen Gillan, who plays companion Amy Pond, would leave the show next year.

And take this pic as an added bonus :PP

Doctor Who Wins Best Family Drama

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Doctor Who won Best Family Drama at the TV Choice Awards 2010 last night, with Karen Gillan on hand to accept the award.

Lead writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat was also there to see Doctor Who win a second major award in a week. Karen looked sensational in a scarlet red dress and black jacket and the evening was hosted by Alexander Armstrong, the voice of Mr Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The awards ceremony took place at London’s Dorchester Hotel and came the day after Doctor Who won a Hugo Award in Melbourne.

LEGO-fied Dr. WHo

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Link courtesy by Icicle


Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver Available for the Wii?

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funny video game photos - Dr. Who's Sonic Screwdriver Available for the Wii?

Dr. Who: Return to Earth releases at the end of October and much to my nerdy pleasure this sweet sonic screwdriver will release with it. Now my Dr. Who LARPing outfit will be complete!!!

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