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Eric Northman in Top 5 TV Villains

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MoviesOnline have picked their top 5 villains in television; Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) is among their numbers, no surprise there. Says MoviesOnline: “Eric represents an incredible balance of good and evil in a show jam-packed with supernatural creatures and humans with homicidal tendencies. Just look into his piercing cold blue eyes and you see he’s a wicked one. And yet, Eric is the only original character of the series whose actions still often remain unpredictable and motives are vague. From a coldblooded murderer he easily turns into a noble, self-sacrificing hero, and then back.”

Go to to see who else made the list.

Alex Skarsgård and Sam Trammel talk TB nudity

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Alexander Skarsgård has revealed that he has no problem getting naked on True Blood. Skarsgård has already shown some flesh in the programme’s third season, which began on Sunday. Here it is in all his naked glory

We approve.

Take a moment and bathe your eyes on that fine Swedish ass ❤

“I don’t really care about that stuff,” he told Access Hollywood. “There’s some – there’s much more graphic stuff coming up later in the season. So that doesn’t really bother me. If it makes sense when I read it, I’m happy to throw my clothes off.”

Skarsgård also revealed that his character Eric will be fascinated by Sookie  in future episodes.

“He’s obviously attracted to her and he’s intrigued by her,” he said. “He’s trying to figure out what she is. He doesn’t really know that. She’s special. And of course he is going to pursue that in season three.”

On the other hand Sam Trammel isn’t so comfortable and has admitted that he never expected to have so many nude scenes on True Blood. Sam, has to appear naked whenever his character changes form.

“I knew I would have to be naked a little bit,” Trammell told Zap2It. “I didn’t realise every time I turned back from an animal into a human that I’m naked and very often not anywhere near my clothes that I had left wherever I turned into an animal to begin with. So I didn’t really realise how much it would be. […] Also it is kind of like I’m naked a lot but not in a romantic, sexual kind of setting with mood lighting and all that kind of stuff. I’m just out in the woods, you know, naked.”

However, Trammell joked that he enjoys figuring out ways to preserve his modesty on the series.

“I mean, it is sort of funny and we have a laugh and we kind of think about the Austin Powers bits with the grapefruits and the watermelons,” he said. “But yeah, it is always interesting figuring out if I am going to be next to the car, if the door is going to be open at a certain point and I’ll be behind the door. Yeah, it is always a different kind of trick. We have some laughs about it for sure.”

True Blood 3×01 screencaps

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Screens from 3×02 soon

True Blood TWO DAYS LEFT!!!! Long post with goodies

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Waiting sucks a little less now, no?

Clip #1 features a very pissed off Eric and Pam trying to make him see reason. Clip #2 features Sookie and Jessica trying to find clues to Bill’s whereabouts. Clip #3 (it is currently unavailable on HBO’s site) has Bill facing off with a wolf. Clip #4 has Eric telling Sookie what he knows about werewolves, and startling himself in the process. Clip #5 shows Jessica going to Pam for advice on being a vampire. Clip #6 (this is also currently unavailable) is a scene between Sookie and Alcide.

True Blood collected minisodes

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True Blood Season 3 Spoilers

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In this week’s TV Guide Mega Buzz, we get a little scoop on a character’s return to True Blood that spells bad news for two of our favorites:

Give me a good tease about True Blood’s new season. — Holly
MICKEY: Zeljko Ivanek (aka the best guest star of everything) returns as the Magister, and he’s cracking down on the illegal V trade in Louisiana. This is a problem for the Queen, since she’s tacitly allowing it, and for Eric and Pam, since they’re running it.

From this I think we can confirm that Evan Rachel Wood is back as Queen Sophie-Anne, and that Eric and Pam better watch their backs!

True Blood executive producer and all-around-awesome guy Alan Ball is toying with us again. He gave Sci Fi Wire nine sort-of spoilers for True Blood season 3, most of which is information we already new but with a few juicy tidbits thrown in. In brief, here they are:

  1. We’ll be exploring the world of shifters and weres in some detail. Alan stipulates that,”They are two different kinds of creatures with a lot of similarities.” Alcide Herveaux, Debbie Pelt, and Coot and Gus are the weres we’ll be seeing the most of, while Sam Merlotte and his biological family will give us insight into the shifter world. Alan still isn’t saying whether or not Sam’s brother, Tommy Mickens, is a shifter.
  2. We’re definitely going to Hotshot! “We meet Hotshot, we meet the people in Hotshot, we meet Crystal and her father, Calvin,” Alan revealed.
  3. Vampire politics will be a major issue this season.
  4. Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, is the biggest baddie of the season.
  5. Franklin Mott and Tara Thornton will have an incredibly dysfunctional relationship.
  6. Lafayette gets his first major love interest in Jesus, and has to deal with his possibly insane mom.
  7. We find out who took Bill almost immediately, but he won’t get back to Bon Temps until mid-season.
  8. Alan Ball is having fun with True Blood and thinks it could continue for several years.
  9. Not really a spoiler, but Alan says he was surprised by the “rock star” reception they got at Comic Con last year. We already know True Blood will be back at Comic Con this year, so get ready to rock!

True Blood:Alan Ball talks season 3 +Premiere Sneak Peek

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Alan Ball has promised that fans will be surprised by the third season of True Blood. Although the series is based on books by Charlaine Harris, Ball explained that readers of the novels will not know what is coming up in the programme. “For people who read the book, they’ll be surprised who kidnapped Bill,” Ball told Zap2It. “We definitely have used the plot from the book as a starting point, but we have done a lot differently as well.” Ball added that the team behind the television series made a decision to expand on the stories told in the novels. “Part of our challenge is that the books are basically Sookie’s story,” he said. “And they’re not anyone else’s story outside of how they interact with Sookie. We’re always looking for a way to create stories for the other characters and at the same time unify everything that keeps all the characters involved with each other as much as we can.” He continued: “Our cast just continues to expand, so it’s a challenge finding a way to serve everybody. But I think that’s part of the appeal of the show, that there are so many different characters with so many different stories, so there’s something for everybody.” Ball also dropped hints about what is to come in the third season of the show. “There’s a lot of new stuff happening, a lot more about vampire politics and the introduction of werewolves into our world,” he said. “And there’s stuff going on in Bon Temps as well. Without giving too much away, everybody’s got their hands full and everybody is being extremely tested by the circumstances of their lives.”

Here’s the sneak peek of the True Blood season 3 premiere during last night’s series finale of Lost on ABC. Even if you didn’t have the equipment to access the clip on your TV, you can see it online! Watch Sookie face-off with (naked) Eric in her search for Bill; watch Eric reluctantly assume his responsibility as Sheriff of Area 5; squee over the sexual tension. There’s a HQ video on

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