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“Rainbow” Dalek Merchandise

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Last week I told you that Rainbow Dalek merchandise is a sure bet. This week I return to say TOLD YA!

Blue Dalek Bubblebath and Sonic Dalek Toothbrush

TARDIS Cookie Jar and Dalec Sonic Toothbrush:D

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What could be more fun than a cookie jar shaped like Doctor Who’s Tardis? A Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar, well it doesn’t actually talk but it does feature some fun Doctor Who sound effects.

This fun Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar measures 11 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches, although it may be bigger on the inside like the real Tardis.

‘The Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar will solve for x in a way that hearkens back to your single days. For starters, we’re pretty sure it’s bigger on the inside. But most importantly, it makes authentic TARDIS noises (which, we suppose is why they say it’s “talking” even though it doesn’t say any words). So when the cookie jar disappears from the kitchen counter and gets hidden somewhere else, you can feign ignorance and say, “It’s a TARDIS, it’s probably taking a quick trip to Pompeii.” When it reappears the next morning, you can point and shout with glee to welcome it back, knowing full well how many cookies it contains. ‘

If you want one, the Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar is available for $26.99 from Think Geek but the shipping is (as always) too expensive for my country 😦

Keep your teeth fresh ‘n clean with this great sonic toothbrush straight from Doctor Who! Available from Forbidden Planet from the 15th of August. Can you say /want?

Nintendo 3DS to be released in October

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The new Nintendo 3D-capable version of its DS handheld games console the 3DS device, first reported about last month might be with us in October, much earlier than first expected. The original launched date was thought to be in March 2011 but a close source to Nintendo reported to the games site CVG a different story.

An October launch pre-dates that expiry date by a full six months – and gives Nintendo a three-month run-up to Christmas and brings it in diurect competiiton with Microsoft proposed launch dates of its Project Natal.

The 3DS console allows gamers to play exciting new software with 3D effects without the need to wear any special glasses. But dont worry the new device will also play all your regular DS titles.

Source: CVG

Daleks invade Sheffield

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The Daleks invaded Sheffield this morning but for once, world domination was not on their agenda!

The Doctor’s most iconic enemies were in town to help launch the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The first of these brand new interactive episodes will become available on 5 June and for the first time ever journalists and children will be able to test the games this afternoon.

Right now the Snooker World Championship is being contested in Sheffield and former world champion John Parrot was on hand to welcome the Daleks to the city! Cue lots of puns about the Daleks being in the frame for conquest of the planet, the Doctor being snookered and Parrot taking pot luck with the invaders…


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I want this so much D: Why, why, why do you have to be so expensive?

Gameboy mod

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Console Mods are nothing new in the geekverse. This one however wins the prize of the coolest of all cool mods I have ever seen! It is a Game Boy mod which features a Game Boy Advance inside. It was created by Flickr user CRTdrone, who modded the original Game Boy and managed to get an GBA inside so it can play a range of games. It can play all Game Boy, all Game Boy Color, all Game Boy Advance games and it even features a rechargeable battery.

R.A. Salvatore On Building Worlds

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R.A. Salvatore, the popular fantasy author best-known for his Forgotten Realms novels starring Drow Elf Drizzt Do’Urden. For the past several years, he’s been working with Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios to produce a game codenamed Copernicus, an MMO.

With the disclaimer “I’m not here to tell you how to create a world. I am certainly not here to tell you how to design a game. What I am here is to tell you the principles I use when I create a world,” Salvatore began a journey through his gaming and writing careers and espoused core concepts of his world building methods.

“The first thing in an MMO is the size of the world. Any discussion of game design is about hitting sweet spots. For me, one of the most important things in an MMO is the size of the world,” said Salvatore. “[EverQuest] is still the game that I look to as the best world in a game,” due to its size and scope.

Read the rest here

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