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‘The Vampire Diaries’& ‘True Blood’ Stars Reveal Their Favourite Scary Flicks

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The Hollywood Reporter wants to know what films frightened the stars from The Vampire Diaries, Paranormal Activity and True Blood.

For True Blood’Rutina Wesley, her fear of spiders is nothing compared to being on set this past season.

“It was scary being on set with some of the animals,” said Wesley, who noted that ArachnophobiaFriday the 13th and Psycho gave her the creeps. “They were gentle as can be but just the fact that you’re on with hybrid wolves is a little scary.”

But what gives Wesley’s co-star Sam Trammell nightmares?

“Something like Paranormal I haven’t even seen the end of,” Trammell said. “That kind of thing is really scary so I watch it in pieces. I love Dario Argento. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still horrifying to me because it’s so faux-documentary, it’s so scrappy, it’s horrifying.”

True Blood actress Kristin Bauer’s fears are slightly more realistic.

“When I had the fight scene with Stephen Moyer [Bill] I really just had to go for it and snarl and make guttural sounds that felt so ridiculous,” she said. “Every time they said cut, I said, “Really? Do I look ridiculous?’ That was the scariest day. Stephen helped me through it.”

Nina Dobrev, who plays two characters on The Vampire Diaries, says that’s nothing compared to her fear of blood.

“Ironically enough, I’m very squeamish when it comes to blood,” said Dobrev, who noted that The Ring and the Saw movies “terrify” her. “Even on set, there was a scene I had to do where I cut my wrist on camera and it took every little bit of energy and strength that I had because your veins are so exposed. Every person is so fragile and it’s so easy to get hurt, it just freaks me out.”

Her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder agrees with Featherston on Candyman.

“I don’t watch that much scary stuff now, but when I was a kid the Freddy Krueger movies and Candyman used to scare the s*** out of me,” he said. “We’re adults now and it still holds up.”


TVD: Nina Dobrev claims Paul Wesley is really a vampire

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Source e! online

It could be worse. A report could be going around that Paul Wesley will embark on a rap career.

But that’s not the kind of story his Vampire Diaries costar Nina Dobrev is trying to spread. And after hearing the reasons, we can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some truth to those vampire rumors…

“First, I have fangs,” Paul explained at the Monte Carlo TV Fest.  “Second, I am kind of an insomniac. And third, in the first season, I was always able to beat everyone to wherever they were going even though they left before me. Somehow I’d get there ahead of them and I’d be standing there in a black rain coat. And they were like, ‘How’d you do that? How did you get here so fast?’ And so I started playing on that and purposely started trying to do things to freak them out a little,” he joked.

Funny. If we turn around and he’s suddenly standing behind us as we type this…

Damn. No dreamy Paul.

Besides rumor mongering, The Vampire Diaries‘ golden three also dropped some knowledge about the next season.

We got this exclusive dish from Ian Somerhalder on hot new couple Damon and Katherine: “She’s probably going to kick my ass. Katherine is an evil bitch. She’s a narcissistic, crazy bitch.” Ah, pet names. Love is sweet, isn’t it?

Even if Ian gets his butt handed to him next season, you won’t hear him making a peep of protest. “Let’s face it: Nina Dobrev in her underwear—who could complain about that?” We hear ya, Ian. But it’s only fair we see more of you in your underwear, no? An eye for an eye…or something like that.

On the other side of the hot vampire coin is sweet Stefan. But it looks like next season we’ll be seeing a little less “sweet” and a bit more “evil.”

“He is always going to be protective of Elena, but there are times that he is going to be tempted by blood,” Paul dishes. “He’s a vampire and he has malice inside him. I think it would be a mistake to ignore that.”

Maybe we’ll see a personality switch between the two brothers? Damon becomes a gentle, patient vampire and Stefan starts ripping random people’s throats out? Paul concurs!

Sort of.

“I think depending on the situation and the circumstance that it can happen. Damon will be nicer and Stefan more violent and then they will switch again…If Stefan loses Elena, even for a moment, he loves her and I think he could do anything,” he says before transforming into a bat and disappearing into the night sky.

OK, he didn’t exactly turn into a bat. But can we all just keep this “Paul really is a vampire” rumor going? It’ll help pass the time while we wait for the return of The Vampire Diaries in the fall.

TVD: Season 2 promo photo

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Ηere is a new promotional photo of Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. I’ve also included the sell sheet with the same photo courtesy of SpoilerTV.

Attention UK Vampire Diaries Fans – Cast Signing Event June 3rd!

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Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder will be attending a brief 1 hour cast signing event at HMV in London. Here’s all the info about the event!

The cast of the TV show The Vampire Diaries will be at hmv 150 Oxford Street, London on Thursday 3rd June at 6.30pm.

Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder will be signing autographs for one hour only.

Due to limited time available, 350 wristbands for access to the queue will be issued from the store on the day of …the event from 9am, first-come-first-served, in person only, no reservations, one wristband per person only while stocks last.

Check out the rest of the details!

Ian Somerhalder in Louisiana to help out with oil spill disaster

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Those of you following Ian Somerhalder on Twitter (@iansomerhalder) know the Gulf oil spill has has hit close to home. Right now he’s in Louisiana helping raise awareness of the disaster’s devastating effects on local wildlife. According to, he’s shooting public service announcements for the St. Tammany Humane Society’s “Partnering for Pelicans” program and the Audobon Aquarium.

“This is the worst way to learn this lesson and I hate that it happened right here in our back yard- but I think we now know that with things like this, we have to start protecting our environment,” says Somerhalder.


Vampire Diaries Brasil has photos from Ian’s visit with the Humane Society.

You can find more information on helping and/or donating to St. Tammany Humane Society here and the Audobon Aquarium here. For more information on the various ways you can donate or help, visit the National Wildlife Federation’s post: How You Can Help Wildlife Impacted by the BP Oil Spill.

MTV’s Malese Jow’s interview and iF Magazine’s Ian Somerhalder interview

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iF Magazine has a brief interview with Ian Somerhalder and he talks about Damon, the Vampire Diaries cast and crew, differences between the TV show and the books and his relationship with Paul Wesley.

iF: You and Paul Wesley seem to have a great onscreen rapport. Was it there since the day you started?

SOMERHALDER: We love each other. We are like brothers. We dress alike. It’s kind of freaky. But we do have a great rapport. The thing is I realize this: I could be doing this with anyone else… Paul is such a phenomenally talented committed actor, and he’s my good friend, and we could be doing this with anybody else and we got lucky. We worked really hard to get these roles and we’re going to continue to work even harder to keep them.

Read the rest of the interview on iF.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has posted more from their Malese Jow interview. In addition to touching on her Team Anna project (which has already garnered over 200 submissions), Malese delves into the dynamics of her Vampire Diaries character and what makes her so appealing to fans.

It’s easy to understand why so many people are rooting for Anna, especially when you consider that she’s one of the most developed characters on “The Vampire Diaries.” “I love Anna because she’s so multifaceted,” Malese said. “She’s gone through the tragedy of having her mother taken away and wanting her mother back, to falling in love, to being this menacing person to get her mother. Now that she has her mother back, she can be a kid again. It’s so cool to get to see the teenager side of her because she sheltered that for so long. Now you get to really, really, really see Anna how she is in the next few episodes.”

Read the rest

Ian Somerhalder In May 2010 GQ Magazine

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Ian Somerhalder has been featured in the May 2010 issue of GQ Magazine. Check out some more awesome shots from the photoshoot and the rest of the feature HERE.

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