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TVD: 1×22 Founders Day recap

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First of all. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY for the extremely late recap.

I kept my job although things are getting way frustrating over there. I also slipped on a wet floor today which I had mopped it myself mind you and am all black and blue now 😦 but you probably don’t care 😛

Secondly, the finale was a MUST SEE. Seriously, you shouldn’t just get away with a recap, sit down and watch it. It is one of the best things I’ve watched on TV.


It’s finally Founder’s Day and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Damon and Stefan are acting all Alpha Males around Elena’, making Stefan confess to Elena about John Gilbert being her father. Caroline still has to endure the Matt and Tyler drama no matter the fact that Tyler took Matt to the hospital. Bonnie’s still being a bitch (and although you try to redeem yourself later in the episode, I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE). Anna finds out that Jeremy doesn’t want to turn anymore but she leaves him a vial of her blood anyway. Well, way to go girl. This was so responsible 😐

Johnathan Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood are planning to use the town as bait to take out the vampires with the device that Bonnie “forgot” to dispel. (!@#@#$@) Sheriff Forbes is not at all rocking that boat and as Sheriff, declares it a no go. John being the bastard we all know and love hate, naturally knocks her out and handcuffs her to a pole. The plan: John will activate the device, which acts like a dog whistle by sending out a pulse that only vampires can hear in a five mile radius. When the vampires attack during the fireworks display the pulse will go off, rendering the vampires useless and exposed. The cops will then inject the vamps with vervaine before taking them to Dr. Grayson Gilbert’s old medical building where John will “finish them off”. Dude, you could have just called off the fireworks display 😛

Anna informs Damon of the Tomb Vamps plan before getting Jeremy and trying to leave. The mayor orders Tyler to go home and to take Matt and Caroline along. The fireworks start and Damon finds John in the abandoned doctor’s building, but John sets the device on and all the vamps go down, including Damon, Stefan, and Anna. Waaaay before I told my hubby “I wonder if it affects werewolves too” he wasn’t convinced yet about Tyler being a wolfie but I WAS RIGHT HA HA! But it is BOTH Tyler AND Mayor Lockwood that go nuts. Like father like son eh?

Tyler is an unlucky sod as he is driving at the time which results in him crashing the car. While medics check up on Tyler (and we get to see his wolf eyes), Caroline collapses and has to be taken to the ER. Ow.

Meanwhile, John and the cops round up the vamps into the basement of the old clinic, including Anna who was pulled out of Jeremy’s hands, Damon and Mayor Lockwood. Damon witnesses as John Gilbert takes it upon himself to STAKE ANNA before setting the basement on fire! OMGWTFBBQ! Anna is dead :/ While the fire blazes, Mayor Lockwood wakes up and is shocked when he sees Damon. After Damon reveals that he’s a vampire (and asking the Mayor what the hell is HIS excuse for being down there), Mayor Lockwood backs into the waiting arms of a tomb vamp who snaps his neck just for shits and giggles.

Alaric saves Stefan arse and informs him and Elena that Damon is nowhere to be found. Stefan uses his vampyhearing and spots the commotion in the basement, leading him and Elena to the doctor’s office that is guarded by John and cops. When Stefan runs to save his brother, John grabs Elena and tells her if she steps one foot towards the building he will include her in the fire. Elena balks, asking if he would do that to his own daughter! Take that you assbutt! Bonnie comes along at the other entrance into the building and tries to stop Stefan from going in, but he ignores her. Elena tries to go in, too, but Bonnie stops her and begins chanting (BUT I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU BONNIE), which helps Stefan get in, get Damon out, and leave without being hurt but blazes up the fire for the rest of vampires.

Matt and Tyler reconciliate in the hospital, but Sheriff Forbes joins them to spoil the fun. Caroline was suffering from internal bleeding and has to undergo immediate surgery and they don’t know whether she’ll make it. If tyhis wasn’t enough Tyler needs to call home, because of his dad. FRAK.

Damon visits Jer and confirms Jeremy’s fears of Anna’s death. Damon offers to erase his memories again and take the pain away, but Jeremy says it wouldn’t help. Damon apologizes to Jeremy for everything and the two discuss how vampires can turn off their feelings, something that Anna told Jeremy earlier that day. Damon says that it does work and that’s easy when you are a vampire, but that life still sucks either way. After Damon leaves, Jeremy takes the vial of Anna’s blood, drinks it and downs some pills and apparently dies and will be up as a vamp in Season 2 :S

Bonnie tells Stefan that even though she saved their vampy asses, she did it for Elena and Elena alone. She also says that Damon has to change his ways or she will take both him and Stefan down in a heartbeat.

Damon leaves the Gilbert house and bumps into Elena and he spills all his feelings out to her, including that he has had a change of heart since he has returned to Mystic Falls and now wants to protect the town, instead of destroying it. Plus, he is thankful that Elena would consider saving his life, which means to him that Elena feels that he is worth something. Elena is very quiet throughout this confession and the two stare at each other in silence. Damon kisses Elena on the cheek and then fully on tongue action o_O WTF. Did I mention that Elena had declared that she loved Stefan and Stefan alone just minutes before? Meh. I was so freaked out that Stefan would walk in on them 😐 but Jenna opens the door and is shocked at what she sees, telling Elena to come in. Damon stands on the porch with a “WTF” face.

Elena goes to the kitchen where John is and he immediately goes into apologetic, explanation mode but Elena still remains silent placing some knives in their place. I found it hilarious that as the most hated character of the show was apologising she was handling knives xD He then asks if Elena needs help putting up the knives. She says yes, then picks one up and CHOPS OFF JOHN’S RING FINGER!!!!!! Which I totally saw it coming because they did zoom on his hand 😛

And yep, it is KATHERINE. OOH BABY! She proceeds to stab John and I can’t get enough of watching this scene again and again. The Real Elena comes home and walks into the eerily quiet house. She calls for everyone and heads into the kitchen and…………. The Vampire Diaries logo bitchslaps us right in the face :S

So now we have to wait until September to find out what will happen. Good thing True Blood season three begins soon or I’d go nuts during summer D:


The Vampire Diaries 1×22 Founders Day screencaps

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The Vampire Diaries: 1×21 Isobel recap (at long spoilery last)

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This recap isn’t meant to happen. First my basement (of which luckily the only victim was a bag of common Magic The Gathering cards, none of my books!) then I had to go to work and when I finally sat down to write the review my son decided it would be fun to shut down my laptop making me lose everything I had written. Yes. He is two years old and he can properly shut the laptop down… :S

Anyway, recap:

The episode was kickass, so much happened during it and we learned a lot. I also loved the Mia Kirshner’s Cold Bitch Isobel attitude. The woman was fantastic for the role! Way to go Mia!

The episode began right when the previous ended. If you don’t remember Isobel popped up to say a casual “Hi” to her ex-husband and is acting as if nothing has happened and treats him as if he was just a schooldays flirt. Alaric wants some answers but Isobel doesn’t give him anything at all. She only demands of him to set her up for a meeting with Elena and when Alaric tells her to go to hell she threatens that she will start killing off his students.

At school the day after, Alaric assigns Matt and Tyler to help build the Founder’s Day float.Matt though still is pissed at Tyler. Caroline tries to make Bonnie to spill what’s the deal between her and Elena but Bonnie says that she can’t which really hurts Caroline. Meanwhile, Alaric meets Elena, Stefan and Damon to tell them about Isobel and her intentions. Elena is freaked and Damon tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. Then of course Alaric mentions the upcoming slaughter and Elena says she’ll meet her bio mum. All three of the men tell Elena that they will be there when she meets Isobel.

Isobel has settled in a very good-looking foreclosed home and has two compelled humans along just for the shits and giggles. Then Jon pops up and the two discuss the retrieving of John Gilbert’s gizmo. Isobel thinks Jon is doing a sloppy job, bitchslaps him for getting out of line and says she will take the matter in her own hands.

Elena is waiting for Isobel at the Mystic Grill. Stefan blends in the crowd and Damon and Alaric camp outside. Isobel arrives and to say that she’s an iceberg towards Elena would be an understatement. She makes it clear that she wants the invention, refuses to let Elena know who her father is (at which point it dawned on me who her father is!!) an asks Elena if she enjoys both Salvatores like Katherine did. She also mentions that Elena already know the reasons Isobel wanted to be a vampire, stating immortality as an example. She’s basically reading her daughter like an open book.

Outside, Damon tells Alaric he wants to kill Isobel and Alaric obviously still cares about her because he is miffed at the remark.He admits though that Isobel isn’t the woman he married, which puzzles him cause he sees that both the Salvatores have humanity in them, a statement that sounds weird to Damon. Damon then explains the “Feelings switch” we learned about in the previous episode and says that Isobel took the easier road and that he doesn’t blame her..

Back inside, Isobel makes it  apparent that heads are gonna roll if Elena doesn’t get her the device and leaves, leaving Elena crying. Bonnie shows up and sees Elena crying, but walks away when Stefan shows up. Way to be a BITCH! Honestly, I wanted to slap Bonnie ever since she came back. Little annoying fraktard.

Jeremy hasn’t heard from Anna and is worried. Jon overhears Jenna and Jeremy talking about Anna and tries to get in the conversation but Jeremy turns his uncle down.

Damon finds Isobel’s home and engages in strip poker with her female companion. Isobel walks in and interrupts the game before Damon removes his pants (at which moment the fangirls died) Nice abs though Damon :3 Isobel and Damon both start to seduce each other with their super vamp speed while discussing the device, which Damon didn’t bring along. He asks Isobel what is she doing in Mystic Falls and she reveals that Katherine put her up to it. Well this was expected. After all the odds are that Isobel is Katherine’s descendant. Duh. The two vamps discuss in a sexual manner and Isobel reminds Damon that Katherine is a brat that would throw tantrums if she didn’t have it her way. Damon though pins Isobel down and tells her that if she touches anyone he loves (including Elena o___O- Wait what? Damon LOVES people??) Isobel would be endangering her unlife. Damon also says that if Katherine wants something, then she needs to come get it herself. AAAAAAND WAY TO GO DAMON. 146 years of moping over a bitch are enough. Glad to see you over it.

Elena opens her door and find Bonnie standing there who apologises for ditching her when she needed her the most. They reconcile and Elena catches Bonnie up on current events. At the school, people are preparing for the Founder’s Day parade, two of those people being Matt and Tyler who tries to make up but does it in an idiotic way, asking Matt if he lives alone now.

Bonnie meets with Elena to show her Emily’s spell book, which contains blueprints and spells surrounding the supposed inventions of Johnathan Gilbert. Yup Johnathan Gilbert didn’t invent anything. Nadda. Emily put spells on them to make him think he invented anti-vampire devices. WTF!!!. Then mentions that the device that Katherine, Isobel and Jon are after is in fact a weapon against vampires. Wait, what??

Outside the school, Jeremy asks Elena if she knows anything about Anna. Elena says she doesn’t and Jer spills the beans that he knows and calls Elena a liar. He leaves her and before Elena can have the time to chase him, Isobel shows up. Meh… Isobel shows Elena that she knows all of Elena’s true friends and family (about which Caroline filled her in <_<) When she stops at Matt, Isobel makes it clear that she means business and orders her male companion to make the rusty skeleton of the float fall and injure Matt.  The accident forces Matt to accept Tyler’s offer to drive him to the hospital. Isobel then demands that if Elena doesn’t get Damon to hand over the device, Jeremy will be the next on her list and her female companion grabs Jer and disappears.

Jon earns some points by being pissed that Isobel has Jeremy as collateral and demands that his nephew be released immediately. Isobel has her minions kick Jon’s ass before she removes his super ring off his finger. Ow. I don’t like you Jon but this must have hurt :S Later when they’re alone Jeremy and Jon talk about the nature of vampires and Jon says they all must be destroyed. Jeremy disagrees and insists that there are good vampires out there, but Jon tells him that’s a lie and that Jeremy’s father would agree, since it was Dr. Gilbert who taught Jon all he knows. Dun dun dun dun O_O

Elena, Stefan, and Bonnie come up with the idea that Bonnie can reverse the spell on the device, making it ineffective. Damon does not agree with this plan at all, mostly because he doesn’t trust Bonnie, who he did try to kill earlier. Elena demands that Damon hand over the device  and he eventually does. Bonnie does her magic while the others watch and hands over the device, claiming that it is ready. Elena meets with Isobel to make the exchange, but not before each woman shows they have backup. ( Stefan and Damon looked EPIC when they walked out. EPIC I tell you!) Isobel reveals that she sent Jon and Jeremy home, and tells Elena to stop looking for redemption within her. She also spills that Damon is in love with her and that’s why she knew he would do as Elena asked. Elena hands over the device and Isobel warns her that as long as she is in league with the Salvatores she is “doomed” and that at least Katherine had the common sense to leave them behind.

Elena tries to explain herself to Jeremy later, but he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. He reveals that he read her diaries, especially the part about Vicki, which Elena defends by claiming that she was only trying to help him. Jeremy seems a bit touched by this but then kicks Elena out of his room nonetheless.

Isobel visits Alaric one last time, which sends him on the edge. He claims that she must still love him for her to be trailing him and to prove his point, he dares her to kill him, removing his vervain stash and ring. Isobel pins him against the wall and compels him to forget her in order to free his heart, because she is not his wife anymore. Plus, she reveals that her becoming a vampire was a mistake that she will forever have to deal with. Before she places the ring back on Alaric’s finger, Isobel also ordered him to forget the conversation. Then she disappears, leaving a bewildered Alaric alone.

In the meantime Anna finally comes to Jeremy and reveals what happened and that she has no place to go. Back at the mansion, Stefan confronts Damon about his feelings about Elena. He makes it known that it’s not going to happen and that his brother should better back off. Damon is cool with it, but warns Stefan that he will be there for Elena when she finds out the secret that Stefan surely knows, which is that Jon Gilbert is in fact ELENA’S FATHER! YEEEEES! I KNEW IT! I knew it since the beginning of the episode. I told my hubby and was ready to come brag in the blog about my theory but the show spilled it for me 😛 Stefan claims that Damon has no proof, but Damon doesn’t need proof as he can put two and two together. Isobel and Jon dated when she was 15 years-old, and when she got pregnant, she ran to Dr. Gilbert, who happens to be Jon’s brother. Woot, turns out Elena IS a Gilbert after all!

Isobel calls Jon to say that she left the device and his ring on the doorstep. He says he won’t let her down, which Isobel threatens that he better not, because Katherine wants all the tomb vampires dead and she means it. Then Isobel puts in a special request to EXTERMINATE the Salvatore brothers so that they can save their daughter from a life a damnation. BITCH.

Caroline still pesters Bonnie on the issues between her and Elena and Bonnie tells Caroline that she has done something bad, claiming to have done one thing when in fact she did the opposite. Bonnie concludes that when Elena finds out, they might not be friends anymore. Well done Bonnie, when I just started to like you again you went and fooked it up again. *golfclaps*

Thus ends the penultimate TVD episode leaving us with just a single one and then with a rather empty summer. Oh wait, no there’s TRUE BLOOD on during the summer :D:DD:D

Screenshots of the episode can be found on the previous post.

The Vampire Diaries: 1×21 Isobel Screencaps

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Review will be late because my basement flooded and I have to go check if my huge book collection is safe :S Wish me luck…

The Vampire Diaries: Isobel webclips and extended promo

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Yep, Isobel sure looks like a biatch

The Vampire Diaries: 1×20 Blood Brothers Recap

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Wow, talk about a PROGRESS episode. It left me speechless! Here’s the recap :3

While Stefan is sitting in his cage, brooding and dazed he flashes back to the night that he and Damon tried to rescue Katherine.

[Past] Stefan and Damon hide from the lynch mob led by Jonathan Gilbert and devise a plan to help Katherine without being noticed. While they’re at it, they are both shot and left for dead by an unseen member of the mob.

[present] Stefan lies on the ground flashing from past to present. Damon and Elena try to wake him up and he realises that his ring was taken from his finger. Outside, Elena and Damon are (once again) bickering about why they opted for locking Stefan up. Elena, of course, did it out of love while Damon -Of course!- did it to avoid having the city council on his arse

[Past] Stefan awakes the next morning shocked and stunned that he is still alive. Emily is there (for a moment I thought it was Bonnie lol) and explains that they had Katherine’s blood in their system when they died. They’re still, however, transitioning. Emily also reveals that Katherine compelled Stefan to drink from her while Damon did so willingly and that Katherine had her make the rings a while back, meaning she was planning to turn the brothers anyway.

Stefan goes to talk to Damon. Damon is devastated and way different to the Damon we are used to. He tells Stefan about how he saw the mob drag Katherine inside the church and set it on fire.

Anna shows up at school and meets with Jeremy who incredulously asked her why she wants to go to high school as “it blows”. She says it is to get to hang out with him more and they kiss. Awww! I’ve been waiting for this hook up. Jeremy deserves someone good after all he’s been through! Damon tries to get Stefan to drink, but her refuses, continuing to brood in self-pity. Damon says he doesn’t cares if he starves and goes upstairs where he receives a call from Alaric who tells him about a possible location of Isobel’s whereabouts.

Elena has gone home to get a change of clothes and calls Damon to find out what type of blood Stefan drinks, to which Damon replies that Stefan prefers golden retriever puppies. LOL. When she hangs up, she closes her wardrobe door to find creepy uncle Gilbert behind it. This man is such an efftard, mocking Elena and telling her what would her mother think if she knew Elena was dating a vampire. Elena seems striken at first but then smugly replies “Which ‘mother?'” Bwahahah good going Elena!

[Past] We’re by the lake again and the Salvatores wonder whether their father knows of their deaths, but Damon says that their dad betrayed them. Eventually, they both decide to die and fight the change since Katherine, their sole reason to turn, (for all they know) is dead. Damon says he want it over.

[Present] Elena returns to the mansion and visits Stefan and begs him to eat but Stefan replies that he would rather just die which obviously shocks her. He even uses Damon’s exact words that he wants it over. Elena in the next scene is upstairs with Damon and asks him why would Stefan say something like that, but Damon says he believes it has to do with feeding from Amber. He then suggests to Elena to stay upstairs while he goes out (to meet Alaric) but Elena says he does trust Stefan too or he wouldn’t leave.

Creepy asshat Uncle Gilbert is meeting Pearl at the Mystic Grill to discuss the device Jon is looking for. Pearl wonders why in the world Jon thinks she will give it to him, but Jon says that he can win her with his Gilbert charm, since the original John Gilbert did so as well. The scene turns to Jeremy and Anna who is telling Jeremy that her mom loved Jon Gilbert. She also tells him about his betrayal to Pearl. But Anna wants to talk about other stuff and warns Jeremy that his uncle is a vampire hater and wants them dead. She also tells him that Jeremy is her weakness. That’s so so so cute :3 They begin to make love… In the meantime, the unlikely duo, Damon and Alaric get to the place they believe they’ll find Isobel. Instead they discover that it is another vampire who stays there. This vamp’s name is Henry and he recognises Damon from the tomb.

[Past] Stefan goes to the Salvatore house, where he can hear Daddy Salvatore and Johnathan Gilbert talking. They are archiving the events of the Battle of Willow Creek in the Founder’s journal, but Daddy Salvatore insists on listing Stefan and Damon as dying as “innocent victims, and not their shame.”

In the Present, Elena goes downstairs to talk to Stefan and make sure he has eaten, but he hasn’t. He demands for her to leave, but Elena walks into the cage and demands for Stefan to drink. After telling her numerous times of the danger she is in, Stefan charges at her, in all vampy-mode. Elena, however stands her ground and doesn’t even flinch, giving a strong “NO!”. This seems to kick some sense in Stefan who resumes brooding on his bed.

Damon asks Henry about how did he get the house and Henry reveals that Jon Gilbert is helping him with everything in exchange of keeping his ear to the ground about the other Tomb Vampires. Henry doesn’t want revenge, but he knows that the Tomb Vampires do, which is why Jon is keeping an out on them. Alaric asks about Isobel a little too soon, but Damon takes over. Jon then calls Henry’s cell, but Alaric tells Damon not to answer it and they kill poor Henry immediately. Too bad. He didn’t seem like a bad vamp 😦

In the meantime, Jon offers Pearl safety in Mystic Falls if she hands over the device, but Pearl is not convinced. He then proceeds to tell her that John Gilbert loved Pearl and wished he had not of done what he did to her. Pearl falls for this and Jon reveals that John Gilbert actually despised her and his only regret was that he didn’t stake her himself. My disgust for this man grows more and more sceny by scene 😐 Pissed, Pearl tells Jon to go ask Damon about the device since he is the one who has it and Jon doesn’t look very jolly about this. Eat that skunky efftard!

Elena pleads Stefan to talk to her and Stefan tells her that a vamp must feed in order to turn, which Elena already knows from Vicki’s case. It’s flashback time again! [past] Stefan reveals himself to his dad who seems surprised (but not at all that much. He probably expected it too) and says he was there when they died. He pulled the trigger himself. Good going Daddy Salvatore <_< You’re really an asshat.  Stefan informs his dad that he was only there to say goodbye and that he didn’t want to turn. Daddy Salvatore though wants to finish the job he started and attacks Stefan with a broken wooden cane. Stefan though is way faster now and throws his father against the wall and staking him (unintetionally) in the process. Stefan runs to help his father but Daddy Salvatore is bleeding and Stefan yields and tastes it, inevitably turning.

[present]Elena gets it now, but wants to learn more so she begs Stefan to come upstairs and talk more, but he’s not ready, although she thinks he is. She leaves his ring for him to underline her trust in him to make the right decision. We then see Alaric and Damon still in Henry’s house. Alaric announces that he is giving up looking for Isobel, who apparently doesn’t want to be found. Damon jokes that 2 years are too few since he’s been looking for Katherine for more than 140 years. It’s fun to see Alaric and Damon get all buddy-buddy. It is a promise for lols 😛  Alaric says he’s over with looking for Isobel and that he doesn’t want to know what made Isobel change her mind about life with him.

Anna returns home to find Pearl packing everything, ready to leave. Anna begs her mother to stay, but Pearl says that they are not safe as long as Jon Gilbert is in town. She also tells her daughter that she really can’t make force her and that it’s her decision.

Damon returns to the mansion to find Elena reading on the sofa. He then proceeds in sitting himself next to her pulling her feet on his lap in the process (!!!!!!) Elena tells him Stefan still hasn’t fed and reprimands Damon  for giving Stefan so much hell for getting Katherine caught, which is not helping with Stefan’s conscience. She claims that Damon is to blame as much as Stefan is but then Damon drops the bomb… and it’s flashback time!

Damon is waiting to die when Stefan brings him a girl that he has compelled. Stefan reveals what happened between Stefan and their father and  tells Damon that Katherine was right about being a vampire, saying that it is a “whole new world” where you can turn feelings of guilt and anger off like a switch. Damon doesn’t want to live, but Stefan eventually convinces him to drink from the girl. I really didn’t see that coming. I always thought that Damon would be the all vampy-happy brother. Elena now gets it and runs to see Stefan who is not in the cage and has left the ring behind. Oops :s

Anna chooses to leave with her mother and goes to tell goodbye to Jeremy who is sleeping. Which was cute in a way but the [creepy] vampire that gets into your room and watches you while you’re asleep has never been my thing. I find it utterly disturbing to have someone (uninvited)  in your room while you’re sleeping o_O

[Past] Damon is now the usual Damon we came to know and (?)love. He tells Stefan that since they will be together for all eternity, he will make sure to make Stefan as miserable as possible. Stefan flashes back and forth between past and present for a moment and settles on past again where Emily appears and tells Stefan that because, even as a vampire, he’s still pure at heart this will be his curse and cause of grief. Ow ow ow ow.

[present] Elena finds Stefan by the lake. Stefan says he wants to end it all, because of the pain that he has caused others and that he can’t deal with that guilt any more. Elena then reveals to Stefan what happened the night of the car accident that killed her parents. She had skipped family night to go to a party and got stranded and her parents came and got her, which resulted in their death. OUCH :S Stefan moans about how he is afraid that if he gives up the fight to not drink blood, the next person he hurts will be Elena. She, however, gives Stefan his ring and asks him to make a choice: stay and fight by putting on the ring or toss it in the lake and wait to die. Then she kisses him and walks away and Stefan puts on the ring and runs after her and they start kissing again.

Harper is helping Pearl pack her things as well as pack his own. Pearl saved him so his loyalty lies there. Pearl offers to help with the bags, goes to the door and when she opens it is met with an fraking stake straight to the heart!!!!!  We can see Pearl instantly die as Harper is craddling her.

Elena and Stefan return to the mansion. Stefan wants to talk to Damon and thank him for the help. Damon says that all of Damon’s decisions are his to mope over, not Stefan’s. Apparently Damon has loads of guilt stocked up. Damon then reveals that Emily had waited till after they were turned to tell Damon about the protective spell over the tomb as she feared it might affect their decision.  Stefan asks why didn’t Damon tell him, and Damon answers that he hates Stefan, not because he convinced him to become a vampire, but because Katherine turned Stefan as well. Way to act like a child Damon… it is Katherine’s fault, not Stefan’s >:|

Anna returns home to find BOTH her mom and Harper dead.  She breaks down crying and screaming for her mother not to leave her again. Outside, we see none else than fraktard Jon who throws a stake gun into his trunk and calls Sheriff Forbes about new info on the vamp problem. @#$%@%@

The episode ends with Alaric drinking alone in the bar but someone comes to talk to him and that someone is none other than Isobel. Dun dun DUN!!


<!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>Wow. The episode was CRAMMED. Crammed I tell you! Daddy Salvatore killing his own children. AMAGAD BITCH that is one cold thing to do :S I also was totally caught off guard by Pearl’s death. I honestly never saw it coming and I am very sad she’s gone. Poor Anna 😦 Jon is one hell of a villain. Honestly, David Anders does a fantastic job. I bet he’s being spit upon on the street lmao.

Stefan convincing Damon to turn was another unexpected part. This proves Stefan way more dangerous than Damon since Damon is predictable to a point. And gah, Isobel showing up in the end o_o I kinda expected it since Alaric gave her up and all and the next ep is called “Isobel”. By the way, ‘Isobel’ as a name drives me nuts. I love “Isabelle” but “Isobel” ugh.. 😐

That’s all for this week folks, stay tuned for the Supernatural recap. Here are some screencaps for the while you wait 😀

Why? Because Damon was madly in love with Katherine and thought she’d only turn him. Damon leaves but Emily shows up

Oh man… Stefan kinda says that’s not the same thing, but Elena doesn’t give up.


Back at the vamps nest, Harper helps Pearl pack her things as well as pack his own. His allegiance is with Pearl, he declares. Pearl offers to help with the bags and when she opens the door, she is met with an ARROW TO THE HEART!!!!!! She dies instantly as Harper cradles her.

Damon and Alaric’s Bogus Trip

Wow. The episode was CRAMMED. Crammed I tell you! Daddy Salvatore killing his own children. AMAGAD BITCH that is one cold thing to do :S I also was totally caught off guard by Pearl’s death. I honestly never saw it coming and I am very sad she’s gone. Poor Anna 😦 Jon is one hell of a villain. Honestly, David Anders does a fantastic job. I bet he’s being spit upon on the street lmao.

Stefan convincing Damon to turn was another unexpected part. This proves Stefan way more dangerous than Damon since Damon is predictable to a point. And gah, Isobel showing up in the end o_o I kinda expected it since Alaric gave her up and all and the next ep is called “Isobel”. By the way, ‘Isobel’ as a name drives me nuts. I love “Isabelle” but “Isobel” ugh.. 😐

That’s all for this week folks, stay tuned for the Supernatural recap. Here are some screencaps for the while you wait 😀

TVD: 1×21 Isobel promo

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Sing your fangs into this promo! It’s full of spoilers 😛

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